Quasars & Cosmology – Fall, 2009

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An article posted here satisfies the “article requirement” (2-credit section only).

To qualify, an article must be about cosmology, which studies the large-scale structure and origin of the Universe. I will also accept articles on closely related subjects, for example on objects (black holes, supernovae, AGNs) or techniques (Doppler effect, light echoes) used by cosmologists.  Articles on the history of cosmology are also acceptable.



Submitted by

Most Distant Supermassive Black Hole

James Canha, 9/2

Dark energy may disguise shape of universe

Craig MacHaffie, 9/3

Was Einstein Wrong? A Quantum Threat to Relativity

Shavonne Bell, 9/3

Galaxies Going Green

Alicia Deromedi, 9/5

Dark Energy’s Demise?

Jeanne Rice, 9/4

Gravity Waves and Cosmology

Jeanne Rice, 9/4

Mysterious Space Blob Discovered at Cosmic Dawn

Steven Taylor, 9/7

Most Distant Supernovae

Steven Taylor, 9/7

Intense Heat Killed the Universe’s Would-be Galaxies

Steven Taylor, 9/7

First Black Holes Born Starving

Amelia Dosio, 9/8

LHC Begins Search for the “God Particle”

Ben Heintz, 9/9

New Images from the Rejuvenated Hubble Telescope

Kevin Watral, 9/14

Dark Energy from the Ground Up

Steve Lentine, 9/14

Galaxies Demand a Stellar Recount

Steve Lentine, 9/14

Disappearance of Supernova Progenitors

Aric Beece, 9/14

Stellar Cannibalism

Justin Goodson, 9/14

Size of a Galaxy Determined by Its Dark Matter

Michael Melnick, 9/14

Dark Matter Disk in Our Galaxy

Xiao Wen, 9/15

Dark Energy Stifling Growth in Universe

Xiao Wen, 9/15

New Way to Measure Curvature of Space

Connor Regan, 9/17

Hubble Goes Deep, Finds Farthest Galaxies

Brian Lewis, 9/17

Cosmology’s Best Standard Candles Get Even Better

Galen Frechette, 9/17

Echos of the Birth of the Universe

Kevin Lee, 9/17

Universe 1.0 Destroyed by Dark Matter?

Richard Sopko, 9/17

Ray of hope in dark matter hunt

Richard Sopko, 9/17

Dark Matter Filament Detected Near the Milky Way

Richard Sopko, 9/17

Is The Milky Way Doomed?

Rossli Chace, 9/20

To Understand the Universe, Science Calls on The Ultrasmall

Justin Phillips, 9/20

Invading Black Holes Explain Cosmic Flashes

Robert Vayda, 9/22

Swift Makes Best-Ever Ultraviolet Portrait of Andromeda

Robert Vayda, 9/22

Black Hole Ghost Discovered

Robert Vayda, 9/22

The End of the Universe

Robert Vayda, 9/22

Is dark matter mostly 'dark atoms'?

John Hosmer, 9/22

Milky Way in line for aggressive three-way merger

John Hosmer, 9/22

Do satellite galaxies point to modified gravity?

John Hosmer, 9/22

Galactic Black Holes May Be More Massive Than Thought

Jameson Allen, 9/23

Milky Way's Cousin Likely Harbors Supermassive Black Hole

Claire Marvinney, 9/23

Neighboring Galaxies Collided 2-3 Billion Years Ago

Claire Marvinney, 9/23

Rotation May Solve Cosmic Mystery

Dane Stevenson, 9/23

Scientist Predicts A 'Miserable Future' For Our Universe

Kevin Lee, 9/23

Refined Hubble Constant Narrows Possibities for Dark Energy

Troy Namini, 9/24

Variability of Type 1a Supernovae: Implications for Dark Energy

Kevin Lee, 9/24

Cosmologists Improve Standard Candle Method

Connor Regan, 9/24

Most Large Galaxies Form in Surprising Way

Anna Murphy, 9/24

Stars go kaboom, spilling cosmic secrets

Anna Murphy, 9/24

Prototype Developed To Detect Dark Matter

Noah Poissant, 9/29

The Day The Universe Froze: New Model For Dark Energy

Kevin Lee, 9/30

Galaxy study hints at cracks in dark matter theories

David Ratner, 10/2

Discovery of Type I Supernova Progenitor

Alex Taber-Moore, 10/3

Simulations Illuminate Universe’s First Twin Stars

Kevin Lee, 10/5

Giga-Galaxy Tour of the Milky Way

David Ratner, 10/8

The Cosmic Void: Could we Be in the Middle of It?

Connor Regan, 10/9

A Reshift Suvery of 200 Million Galaxies

Alexandra Newman, 10/13

New Tidal Debris Discovered from Colliding Galaxies

Kevin Lee, 10/15

Origins: A Special Issue of Scientific American

Molly Margolis, 10/15

Hubble Opens New Eyes on the Universe

Connor Regan, 10/22

Hyperactive Galaxies in the Early Universe

Connor Regan, 10/22

Galaxy Cluster Smashes Distance Record

Matt Kirby, 10/22

Hubble Finds Ram Pressure Stripping Galaxies

Connor Regan, 10/29

Origins of the Unseen Universe

Kevin Lee, 10/29

Mega-Star Explosion Most Distant Object Ever Seen

Amelia Dosio, 10/29

Bird Foils Large Hadron Collider (No Kidding!)

David Ratner, 11/16

Refined Hubble Constant Narrows Possibilities for Dark Energy

Connor Regan, 11/19

New Recipe for Dwarf Galaxies

Connor Regan, 11/19

Large Hadron Collider Ready to Restart

David Ratner, 11/20

Is Time Slowing Down?

Sean Sadowski, 11/30

Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae Possibly Discovered

Katherine DeBlasio, 12/6

A Black Future

Ian Lonsdale, 12/9

Telescopes to Show Universe Soon After Big Bang

Justin Burdick, 12/9

Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Jennifer Bach, 12/9

Dark Energy Search Could Aid Planet Hunters

Thomas Shannon, 12/11

New Way to Produce a Black Hole?

Ryan DeJordy, 12/11



Old Articles

Interesting articles about cosmology but more than one year old.  These DO NOT count toward the course requirement.




Submitted by

The End of Cosmology?

David Ratner, 9/30

Are There Other Universes?

Chris Collins, 9/30



Not Cosmology

Interesting articles but not about cosmology. These DO NOT count toward the article requirement,



Submitted by

Space Junk

Xiao Wen, 9/14

Magnetic Fields and Star Formation

Kevin Lee, 9/17

Cosmic Pregnancy Test

Alex Taber-Moore, 9/21

Exposing the flaw in Planck’s law

John Hosmer, 9/22

NASA Set to Crash on the Moon - Twice

David Ratner, 10/8

Map of Every Space Mission!

Kevin Watral, 10/13

Tabletop Black Hole (NOT! but cool physics nonetheless)

Molly Margolis, 10/15



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