Readings in Particle Physics Fall 2012

General Information

This is an invitation-only readings course in Particle Physics, which I am conducting in Fall 2012. A homework assignment is due each week, and problem solutions are presented at a meeting with the instructor. A presentation by each student is also required on some topic of current interest in the field. These presentations will be held towards the end of the term.


Introduction to Elementary Particles, David Griffiths

The Particle Data Group Review of Particle Properties

Homework Assignments

Assignments listed as "n.k" mean Problem "k" in Chapter "n" from Griffiths.

Due Date Assignment Topic
Thursday 30 Aug Assignment 1 Introductory material
Thursday 6 Sep 4.28, 4.37 Symmetry in Particle Physics
Thursday 13 Sep 5.12, 5.19 Hadrons as quark bound states
Thursday 20 Sep 6.6, 6.14 Principles of the Feynman Rules
Thursday 27 Sep None Instructor away on travel
Thursday 4 Oct 8.6, 8.23 Electromagnetic interactions with hadrons
Thursday 11 Oct 9.5, 9.30 The weak interaction in leptons and hadrons
Thursday 18 Oct 10.9, 10.23 Gauge theories and the Higgs Mechanism
Thursday 25 Oct None Instructor away on travel
Thursday 1 Nov None Instructor away on travel
Thursday 8 Nov 11.2, 11.5 Neutrino oscillations
Thursday 15 Nov 12.3, 12.11 The Higgs and beyond
Thursday 22 Nov None Thanksgiving
Thursday 29 Nov None Presentation day
Thursday 6 Dec None Presentation day

Jim Napolitano