PHYS2330 Intermediate Mechanics

Fall 2010

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Quiz files for this year and last year.

Exams from last year

Midterm exams #1, #2, #3, and Final exam.
Information and course summary for final exam.

Materials for Taylor Chapter 12 on "Nonlinear Mechanics and Chaos"

Monday 29 Nov 2010: Mathematica notebook with executed output.

Monday 6 Dec 2010: Mathematica notebook with executed output.
Additional material on the Lorenz Equations: notebook with executed output.

Driven damped pendulum applet.

Deterministic nonperiodic flow by Ed Lorenz in the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences.

Universal Behavior in Nonlinear Systems by Mitchell Feigenbaum, in the premier issue of the journal Los Alamos Science, Summer 1980, where the author recounts his discovery of universality and the so-called Feigenbaum Numbers.

Article: The tangled tale of phase space by David Nolte.

Euler Angles, including a useful applet for visualization.

Fourier Series and Driven Oscillations

Fourier series: Taylor Figure 5.23, applet

Driven oscillations: Taylor Figure 5.25, applet

Jim Napolitano