PHYS2330 Intermediate Mechanics

Fall 2009

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A practical example of projectile motion.
Two-dimensional oscillations applet
A demonstration of of Fourier series. These are from the fine set of free physics and math demonstrations available from Paul Falstad.
Taylor Figures 5.23 and 5.25 re-plotted using Matlab, and the program that created them.
Notes on working coupled oscillations problems in Matlab.
This is a Matlab program that makes a movie for demonstrating Example 16.2 in Taylor. (If anyone out there can explain to me why the movie turns out to be such a large file, and what I can do about it, that would be great!)
On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies by Albert Einstein, June 30, 1905. This is a locally processed LaTeX output derived from source obtained from a web site for physics in Spanish.
This page includes, at the bottom, a simple applet that allows you to visualize Euler angles.
Elastic waves in solids discriminate between earthquakes and underground nuclear explosions. Earthquakes are dominated by transverse (shear) waves which move more slowly, while explosions are dominated by longitudinal (pressure) waves which are faster and therefore arrive earlier. This figure, taken from an online article in the LLNL Science and Technology Review, demonstrates this effect using one particular seismic station and a roughly equidistant earthquake and explosion pair. A more detailed article from the same principle author is available.
Jim Napolitano