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RPI Parking and Transportation
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Parking and Transportation

Vendors and Deliveries

To promote pedestrian safety on the core campus, Rensselaer has implemented a new traffic route for deliveries.  The new delivery route and designated unloading locations are highlighted on the Campus Delivery Routes map [PDF].  Vendor vehicles entering the campus should park in the designated unloading locations.  Rensselaer or personal vehicles entering the campus will need to park in designated Service or Handicap parking spaces.  Under no circumstances should any vehicle be parked on a sidewalk or in front of a building. 

Between the hours of 7:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., vehicular traffic entering or moving on the core campus will be prohibited for 15 minute periods between quarter to the hour and the hour.  Throughout the day, all motorized vehicles located on the core campus will be required to come to a complete stop during these 15 minute periods, regardless of location.  If feasible, we encourage vendors to schedule deliveries prior to 7:45 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m.  The new delivery route and designated unloading locations will be enforced, and violators will be ticketed.  Core campus includes deliveries to the buildings accessed through the Sage Avenue and College Avenue gated entrances.

For common carrier shipments, deliveries are to be made via Yellow Freight whenever possible. The Yellow Freight phone number is 518-456-7101 ext. 16. Yellow Freight must be provided with the purchase order number and requestor name.

Please note: Due to Rensselaer's parking gate system, there is limited access to the campus. If an on-campus delivery is required, a transponder allowing access to campus may be obtained at the Stockroom in the Service Building located 11th Street between People's and Sage Avenues, at the time of delivery.

For deliveries of large freight to buildings with no loading dock, call the Stockroom at 276-6296 or 276-6484 to notify them of the shipment. Departments should send an email to FIXX to arrange for the moving crew to deliver the shipment to the campus location. The Facilities Customer Service Center (FCSC) requests that the following information is included in your email to FIXX:

  • the name of the company from which the shipment is coming
  • a description of the contents
  • the date the delivery is needed
  • the building and room number to which the shipment is to be delivered

Campus Delivery Routes map [PDF]
Campus Delivery and Service Vehicle Parking [xls]

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