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RPI Parking and Transportation
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Parking and Transportation

Parking Glossary

Campus Any property, land or structure owned, controlled, or leased by Rensselaer.

Disabled/Handicapped Parking spaces and vehicle permits that display the universal wheel chair symbol Handicapped for parking by mobility impaired persons.

Faculty/Staff Faculty and staff are Institute employees and are not students, visitors, vendors, consultants or Incubator company employees. Incubator Faculty, staff and students are not considered Incubator Company employees.

Grass Any non-paved area not specifically designated for vehicles.

Holidays As specified in the Rensselaer calendar.

Permit All parking permits and hang tags of any type issued only by the Campus Parking Office.

Student Any person attending Rensselaer for academic credit excluding faculty and staff. Post doctoral candidates are considered students for campus parking but cannot be billed.

Tow Attachment of any towing appliance.

Travel Lane Any parking lot area, between or at the end of parking rows, used for maintenance or vehicles to enter or exit spaces specifically designated for parking.

Vehicles All motorized devices of any type.

Vendor/Consultant Any person on campus doing business with Rensselaer, or soliciting business from Rensselaer. Rensselaer faculty, staff, students, affiliates and Incubator Company employees are not vendors or consultants.

Visitors Any guest on campus for five days or less, and vendors without a vendor permit.

Rensselaer students (Cross registered, full or part time) faculty and adjunct faculty (temporary, full and part time) staff (temporary, full and part time), Incubator company employees and affiliates (Marriott, Marine Midland Bank, etc.) are not visitors.

Any person with $20.00 or more in outstanding campus parking fines will not be treated as a visitor.

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