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Writing an Effective Ticket Appeal

Please consult the parking regulations before writing your appeal.  This will ensure that your appeal is well founded and that you are familiar with the regulation for which you were cited.

  1. Keep the appeal as short as possible, providing only pertinent information.

  2. Address the issue for which the citation was issued.  Incidental matters will not be considered (e.g. “I was late for class,” “It was raining”).

  3. Avoid the temptation to editorialize.

  4. Avoid confusing parking issues with issues of security (e.g. “It was late at night and dark”).

  5. Appeals are almost never granted for any of the reasons listed below:
  • “Everybody parks there, and I’m the only one who got a ticket.”
  • “I was only there for five (or ten, etc.) minutes.”
  • “I’ve parked there for the last five weeks (months, years, etc.), and I’ve never been cited before.”
  • “I didn’t know.”
  • “I thought it was a space.”
  • “I did not see the sign.”
  • “I can’t afford the fine.”

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