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Our NSEC management team consists of an Executive Committee (ExCom) comprised of the Director, Richard W. Siegel (RPI), Associate Director Kenneth S. Schweizer (UIUC), the Leaders of Thrusts 1, 2, and 3, respectively, Jennifer A. Lewis (UIUC), Jonathan S. Dordick (RPI), and Linda S. Schadler (RPI), Pawel Keblinski (RPI), and Los Alamos team leader Antonio Redondo (LANL). Schweizer and Keblinski also serve as diversity program leaders for the NSEC on their respective campuses and Schadler continues to oversee our education and outreach activities. We have recently created new associate leader positions for Thrusts 1, 2, and 3, respectively filled by Sanat Kumar (Columbia), Yi Lu (UIUC), and Chang Ryu (RPI), to help support the Thrust Leaders.


Our NSEC and its leadership team continually benefit from two advisory committees: an External Visiting Committee (EVC) comprised of Barbara Baird (Cornell University), Louis Brus (Columbia University), Juan de Pablo (University of Wisconsin), William A. Goddard, III (California Institute of Technology), John Silcox (Cornell University), and Matthew V. Tirrell (University of California at Santa Barbara); and an Industry Advisory Board (IAB) that has representation from ABB Research Corporation, Albany International, Eastman Kodak Company, IBM, Intel, Philip Morris USA, and Sealed Air. Very useful input has been received on an ongoing basis from both the EVC and IAB to strengthen our NSEC research, education, and industry outreach efforts.