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Our Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center's (NSEC) extensive and cross-cutting research efforts are supported by excellent research facilities, which include equipment managed directly by the NSEC, and facilities available centrally at RPI, UIUC, LANL, and at other uniersities and national laboratories. These tremendous resources and tools, at various locations, are frequently shared and utilized by NSEC researchers for: simulation and design; synthesis and directed assembly; and characterization. The success and continued growth of our NSEC depends strongly on the availability of high-quality, leading-edge facilities.

In addition to the NSEC experimental facilities at RPI and UIUC, and the excellent experimental research infrastructures at these two institutions, world-class facilities at national laboratories, particularly Los Alamos National Laboratory, boost the level and capabilities of several of our NSEC research programs. The large, and very powerful, cutting-edge network of computational facilities at LANL have significantly advanced NSEC modeling efforts. The new facilities available at it's Center for Integrated Nanotechnology will continue to be of considerable support to our NSEC program, now and in the future. Various of our NSEC researchers at RPI and UIUC use facilities at other national laboratories as well, including particularly: the Advanced Photon Source (APS), USAXS facility at Argonne National Laboratory and the grazing-incidence X-ray diffraction (X21) facility at Brookhaven National Laboratory.