The NE program consists of internationally renowned faculty members who are experts in various sub-fields of nuclear engineering and engineering physics. 

The adjacent listing is an inclusive directory of our program faculty, providing title, research interests, contact information and links to their own websites if available.

Current and prospective students are highly encouraged to contact each faculty member for questions related to research (paid undergraduate research positions are available at the beginning of each semester), course offering, and the nuclear engineering program in general.

For additional information on how to apply for our undergraduate and graduate programs, please contact departmental staff using the "Contact Us" link in the navigation menu.

Dr. Peter Caracappa

Instructor and Director of Reactor Critical Facility

Focus:  Computational Radiation Dosimetry

Office:  NES Building I-19

Phone:  518-276-2212

Email:   caracp3@rpi.edu

Dr. Yaron Danon

Professor, Nuclear Engineering Program Director

Director of Gaerttner Linear Accelerator

Focus:  Nuclear Data, Nuclear Physics, Radiation

             Applications, Radiation Detection, Novel

             Radiation Sources, Nondestructive Testing

Office:  NES Building I-9

Phone:  518-276-4008

Email:   danony@rpi.edu

Dr. Tom Haley


Focus:  Nuclear Criticality Safety

Office:  Jonsson Engineering Center 2026

Phone:  518-276-6975

Email:   tomhaley@aol.com

Dr. Wei Ji

Associate Professor

Focus:  Next Generation Nuclear Reactor Design

Office:  Jonsson Engineering Center 5040

Phone:  518-276-6602

Email:   jiw2@rpi.edu

Dr. Jie Lian

Associate Professor

Focus:  Nanostructured Materials

Office:  Jonsson Engineering Center 2040

Phone:  518-276-6081

Email:   lianj@rpi.edu

Dr. Emily Liu

Associate Professor

Focus:  Nuclear Physics, Science, and Technology

Office:  Jonsson Engineering Center 5046

Phone:  518-276-8592

Email:   liue@rpi.edu

Dr. Bimal Malaviya


Focus:  Nuclear Physics, Science, and Technology

Office:  Jonsson Engineering Center 5050

Phone:  518-276-8578

Email:   malavb@rpi.edu

Dr. Michael Podowski

Professor, Director of CMR

Focus:  Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer

Office:  Jonsson Engineering Center 5044

Phone:  518-276-4000

Email:   podowm@rpi.edu

Dr. Sastry Sreepada

Professor in Practice

Focus:  Nuclear Reactor Safety and Thermal-Hydraulics

Office:  Jonsson Engineering Center 2032

Phone:  518-276-6766

Email:   sreeps@rpi.edu

Faculty Members

Dr. Timothy Trumbull

Adjunct Faculty, Sr. Reactor Operator

Focus: Reactor Operations

Office:  NES Building

Email:   trumbt2@rpi.edu

Dr. Glenn Winters

Adjunct Faculty

Office:  Jonsson Engineering Center 2049

Phone:  518-276-6402

Dr. Devin Barry

Research Faculty

Focus: Neutron Resonance Spectroscopy,

            Theoretical Nuclear Physics,

            and Neutron Detector Design

Site:      http://www.devinbarry.com

Office:   Gaerttner LINAC 101

Phone:  518-276-4023

Email:   barryd3@rpi.edu

Dr. George Xu

Edward E. Hood Professor of Engineering

Focus:  Radiation Measurement and Radiation

             Transport Simulations for Reactors,

             Accelerators, Medical Imaging and

             Radiotherapeutic Systems

Site:      http://rrmdg.rpi.edu

Office:  NES Building I-11

Phone:  518-276-4014

Email:   xug2@rpi.edu

Dr. Wei Zhou


Focus:  Nuclear Waste Management

Office:  Jonsson Engineering Center 5022

Phone:  518-276-6988

Email:   zhouw3@rpi.edu

Dr. Robert Block

Professor Emeritus

Focus:  Nuclear data, accelerator technologies,

             and nuclear instrumentation

Office:  NES Building I-7

Phone:  518-276-6404

Email:   blockr@rpi.edu

Dr. Mark Embrechts

Associate Professor

Jointly with Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering

Focus:  Computational Intelligence, Data Mining,

             Softcomputing, and Neural Networks

Office:  LOW 5217

Phone:  518-276-4009

Email:   embrem@rpi.edu

Dr. Richard Lahey

Member of National Academy of Engineering

Edward E. Hood Professor Emeritus

Focus:  Multiphase Flow, Heat Transfer,

             Nuclear Reactor Safety

Office:  NES Building I-23

Phone:  518-276-6614

Email:   laheyr@rpi.edu

Dr. Don Steiner

Professor Emeritus

Focus:  Nuclear Fusion Technologies

Office:  NES Building I-21

Email:   profsteiner@nycap.rr.com

Dr. Forrest Brown

Adjunct Professor, LANL

Focus:  Code Development (MCNP) and Verification,
             Teraflop Parallel Computing, Monte Carlo
             Theory & Methods            

Phone:  505-667-7581

Email:   fbrown@lanl.gov

Dr. David J. Duquette


Jointly with Department of Materials

Focus:  Cyclic Deformation Behavior, Optimizing
             Chemical Mechanical Planarization

Dr. Thomas M. Sutton

Adjunct Professor, KAPL

Focus:  Reactor Physics, Neutron & Photon Transport
             Theory, Monte Carlo Methods, Nodal Kinetics,
             Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Phone:  518-395-7047

Email:   Thomas.Sutton@unnpp.gov

Dr. Owen C Jones

Professor Emeritus

Focus:  Thermofluids In Nuclear Energy and Propulsion
             Systems; Nuclear Safety; Multiphase Flow;
             Multiphase Instrumentation

Phone:  518-589-9316

Email:   oj1936@gmail.com

Dr. Hyun Gook Kang

Associate Professor,

Nuclear Engineering Program Director

Focus:  Risk Assessment;
             Instrumentation/Control/Protection Systems;
             Emergency Operations;

Phone:  518-276-8251

Email:   kangh6@rpi.edu