Ship's Company Routine

At NROTCURPI, there are a multitude of activities that Midshipmen take part in. These include:

· Two weekly physical training sessions, with Marine Options also conducting another physical training session during the week. For those needing extra physical training, an additional session is conducted at another point each week.

· One weekly Drill Session that cover a variety of topics focused around developing the skills of Midshipmen.

· Classes throughout the week to educate Midshipmen on the Navy and military in general.

· One to two Military Excellence Competitions a semester. These consist of a range of events, from Drill Team and Color Guard performances, to Athletic Competitions, and sometimes Marksmanship challenges.

· A variety of intramural sports, such as Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee.

· Community service opportunities, such as refurbishing the USS Slater.

Midshipmen are not just limited to events such as these. Midshipmen are given ample opportunity to take the initiative and plan events for the Ship’s Company to take part in. Some of these include hiking trips, Polar Bear Swim fundraisers, and performing for the opening of televised sports events.