National Four-Year Scholarship

Students are selected from national competition and are appointed as Midshipman in the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps Reserve. During this period, the government pays for college tuition, authorized fees, a textbook stipend, a subsistence allowance and provides uniforms. Upon graduation, Midshipmen are Commissioned as either Navy Ensigns or Marine Corps Second Lieutenants. Midshipmen will have military service obligations of eight years in unrestricted line (surface, submarine, aviation), at least five of which must be active duty. These minimums do not apply for Nurse Corps and Marine Option Midshipmen.

The Navy is preparing our officer corps of the future to meet the dynamic challenges in the next generation of technology and leadership. In structuring our academic programs to meet these challenges, undergraduate academic majors for NROTC Navy option midshipmen are divided into three categories or tiers: Tier 1 - engineering programs of Navy interest, Tier 2 - other engineering, math and science programs, Tier 3 - Foreign language and remaining academic programs. In order to keep pace in this high tech and diverse environment, approximately 85% of Navy Option NROTC scholarships offers will be awarded to students interested in completing a Tier 1 or Tier 2 academic major.

Please click here to download the current majors and related tiers offered at RPI.

To be eligible for enrollment as a midshipman, applicants must meet the following requirements:

· You must be a United States citizen;
· You must have no moral obligations or personal convictions that will prevent bearing of arms, and supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;
· You must meet age requirements of at least 17 years on or before 1 September of the year of enrollment and less than 27 years on 30 June of the year an applicant expects to graduate and be commissioned. Applicants with prior or current active duty in the Armed Forces may be granted age waivers equal to the number of months served, not to exceed 36 months;
· You must meet physical requirements for the NROTC Program;
· You must possess a high school diploma or equivalent certificate by 1 August of the year you are applying;
· You must meet the following qualifying scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT or American College Test (ACT)
· Navy:
· SAT: 530 Critical reading; 520 Math
· ACT: 22 English; 21 Math
· Marine Corps:
· SAT: 1000 composite
· ACT: 22 composite
· You are also responsible for gaining acceptance to a certified NROTC university. Acceptance does not guarantee assignment to that school, so it is recommended that you apply to at least three of your desired universities.
· Students that have more than one year of college credit are not eligible for the four-year scholarship and should discuss other options with the NROTC unit at the university which they attend

National Two-Year Scholarship

Students are selected through national competition from applicants having at least 2 years of academic study remaining for a baccalaureate degree. Those enrolled as Two-Year Scholarship Program students have the same privileges and obligations as those enrolled in the Four-Year Scholarship Program. Applicants must meet the above requirements as well as the following:

· You must have at least two years of college with a 2.5 GPA or better;
· You must be accepted for matriculation as a junior at an NROTC college or university or a college with a cross-town agreement;
· Completed or close to completion of one year (two semesters or three-quarters) of differential and integral calculus (approved sequence) of one real variable with grades of C or better (except Marine and Nurse Corps or College Program applicants).

Cross-town Affiliates

NROTCU RPI is currently affiliated with Union College. Those student attend their normal college classes and then commute to RPI to complete their NROTC requirements.

College Program

Students who have not been awarded a four year scholarship can still participate in NROTC through a program called the College Program. These midshipmen pay their own way through college while still participating in NROTC. College Program midshipmen who achieve a 2.5 GPA or better can be submitted for a Chief of Naval Education and Training (CNET) Controlled Scholarship. These scholarships range from 2 to 3 years and have all the same benefits as the four year scholarship. While competition for CNET Scholarships is rigorous, our midshipmen have had tremendous success in picking up two or three year scholarships.