History of Naval ROTC Program

The Navy department, realizing that a reserve of qualified officers would be needed for expansion incidental to an unforeseen emergency, established the Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps in 1926. The original units were at the University of California, Northwestern University, University of Washington, Harvard University, Yale University, and Georgia Institute of Technology.

History of Naval ROTC Unit, RPI

The NROTC Unit, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, was commissioned in September 1941 (three months prior to Pearl Harbor) as the first NROTC Unit in the State of New York, and as one of the twenty-eight units located at various colleges and universities throughout the country at that time. During World War II, the Unit was expanded to include the V-12 training programs, but in 1945 it returned to a normal peacetime program. During this same year, the NROTC program was expanded to include twenty-three additional institutions.