UPDATED 04 Apr 99

This page instructs the battalion how to use the new navy system.

    1. Purpose
    2. Advantages
    3. How to connect to the system.
        - From Windows.
        - From a UNIX machine on campus.
    4. How to use the system.
    5. How to pass memos on. (For chain of command only)

To facilitate communications in the battalion with "webboards."

Accessible anywhere.
People can be held accountable for checking the boards.

How to connect to the system

From Windows:

1.  Go to start menu and click on "run"

2.  Type "telnet."  Do NOT type "telnet <machine name>."  This can cause a bad connection.

3.  Under the "Connect Menu,"  click "Remote system."

4.  For "Host Name" type "rcs-ibm.rpi.edu" and press enter.  Other machines you can try are "vcmrj-19.rcs.rpi.edu" and "cortez.sss.rpi.edu" but this will not work on the sun machines.

5.  Log on using your RCS userID and password.

6.  The first time you ever use this program, you will have to run a setup program.  To do this type the following at the prompt (represented by '>'):


7.  If there are no error messages, you are ready to use the program.  To do this, type "webboards."

8.  Scroll down to see how to use the system.

From UNIX:
1.  Log onto any IBM machine on campus (nearly all the machines are IBMs).  If you are not on an IBM, you can telnet into an IBM by typing the following at the command prompt (represented by a '>'):

> telnet rcs-ibm.rpi.edu

2.  The first time you ever use this program, you will have to run a setup program.  To do this type the following at the prompt (represented by '>'):


3.  If there are no error messages, you are ready to use the program.  To do this, type "webboards."

4.  Scroll down to see how to use the system.

How to use the system
During this trial, you will need to do two things, sign a memo and send a memo up the chain.
Make a note that the SPACE-BAR is used for selecting and NOT the enter key.

1.  Step one is to sign on using your rcsID and a password which you can get from your class advisor.

2.  When you have logged on, try changing your password to something you will remember by highlighting "Change Password" and pressing the space-bar.

3.  After you have done this, highlight "view memos" and press the space bar. You will be looking at "General Memos" so press 'g'.

4.  You should find a memo from myself, the Co-Webmaster.  Highlight it and press the space-bar.  You will see some instructions.

5.  Press 'q' and you will see the memo.  You can use the arrows to scroll.  You will see your rcsID at the bottom indicating that you have signed it.

6.  When you are done viewing it, press 'q'

7.  You will be given the option of having the system email you a copy of this memo.  This is optional.

8.  Now you should try to send a memo up the chain.

9.  Highlight "Send Memo Up/Down the Chain" and press the space-bar.

10.  You will see some instructions.  Fill out the requested information.  If you mess up, you can complete the process and at the end, you may delete the memo and start over.  You are sending this memo UP the chain, so be sure to answer up when requested.  Send the memo to the BNXO via your chain.

11.  When you get to the screen in which you can type the memo, fill a line saying who it's from and a second telling any problems you had with the system and any suggestions you might have.  If none, then say so... this will make me happy as well. =)

12.  When you are finished typing the memo, press "control-x" to save and press 'y' to save and "enter" to save it as the filename.

13.  Press 'p' to post.  If you made any errors, you may press 'd' to delete and then start over.

14.  You are now done posting a memo.  It should return to you marked approved within a couple days.  In later versions, you will be able to track the memo and see where it is in the chain of command.

15.  You can now log off the system by highlighting "quit" and pressing the space-bar.

How to pass memos (For Members of the Chain Only)
You will need to pass on the memos that people send up or down the chain.  When memos go up and get approved, they will come back through you and you will need to send them on.

1.  Log onto the system (see above)

2.  Highlight "View Memos" and press enter.

3.  Press 'p'

4.  If you have any in your mailbox, they will appear.  Highlight one and press space-bar.

5.  You will see an instruction screen.  Read it and press 'q'.  This will allow you to view the memo.  You may scroll with the arrow keys and when you are done, press 'q' again.

6.  If this memo is going up, you can add comments and approve it, keep it, or add comments and disapprove it. For this trial, we will be approving the memos.  If it's on it's way back down, you can keep it, or pass it on.

7.  Make a selection.  If it's on it's way down and you pass it on, then you are done.  If you keep it, it will remain in your box.

8.  If you are passing it up, you will be able to add comments and it will automatically add your "signature."  When you are done editing, press "control-x" to exit, 'y' to save, and 'enter' to save in the filename.  You are now done.