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Events Calendar


15 NanoBiotech 2008. A one-day seminar highlighting cutting-edge R&D and exploring commercialization opportunities in nanotechnology, biotechnology, and related science and engineering fields. Contact Kathy Kinsey at or (518) 276-2832.

17 411 on College 101. Alexandria, Va. College-bound students and alumni will learn about refining a college search, the selective admissions process, and the importance of extracurricular activities at this D.C.-Baltimore chapter event. An admissions representative will be in attendance. Contact Nagesh Rao ’02 at or (518) 248-6506.

19 Healthcare Conference. A panel discussion on healthcare trends featuring industry leaders. Contact Kathy Kinsey at or (518) 276-2832.


3 EMPAC Grand Opening. Rensselaer will host three weekends of concerts, performances, interactive artworks, presentations, and film screenings to celebrate the grand opening of EMPAC. A colloquy also will be held, featuring discussion on the nexus of arts and science. For more information, visit

17 Homecoming. Events include MusicFest 2008, a gathering of former Poly staff, Greek events, the Class of 2003 5th Reunion, football, hockey, and more. Contact Peter Pedone at or (518) 276-6061.

17 MusicFest 2008. Former Rensselaer musicians will gather at Homecoming to reprise the successful 2006 event. Events will include a sing-along, a Joel Dolven Recognition Program, EMPAC tours, and a performance of the national anthems at the hockey game Saturday night. To be sure you are on the list to receive more information, contact Peter Pedone at or (518) 276-6061.

17 The Polytechnic 125th Anniversary Celebration at Homecoming. Alumni who worked on The Poly will celebrate the publication’s 125th anniversary at Homecoming. Contact Peter Pedone at or (518) 276-6061.

17 Class of 2003 5th Reunion at Homecoming. Contact Kathy Kinsey at, or the planning committee at for more information.

17 Honors Convocation. Students receiving the Rensselaer Medal, the Founder’s Award of Excellence, and other academic awards will be honored. Event will be held at EMPAC. Contact University Events at (518) 276-6846.

18 Young Alumni Council (YAC) Meeting. For information about the YAC and the programs they plan for alumni who have graduated 10 years ago or less, contact Michael O’Neill at or (518) 276-8719.

18 Legacy Reception. Heffner Alumni House. Join other Legacy families for a special afternoon. Contact Michael O’Neill at or (518) 276-8719.

23 Technology Law and Commercialization Professionals Affinity Event at the AIPLA Conference in Washington, D.C. This is the event’s 10th anniversary. For more information, contact Kathy Kinsey at or (518) 276-2832.


7 The Women in Entrepreneurship Symposium. An annual, on-campus event held in the fall, celebrating women’s roles and numerous contributions in the field of technology entrepreneurship. Contact Jeannette Bines, Lally School, at (518) 276-2650.

11 Hudson-Mohawk Retirees Tour of Northeast Health, Troy, N.Y. Guest speaker is president and CEO Dr. James Reed. Program at 10 a.m., followed by lunch. For information regarding this tour or any of the programs of the Hudson-Mohawk Retirees Group, contact Laura Bedford O’Donnell at or (518) 276-3757.

19 Building Trades Affinity Event at the Build Boston Conference. For more information, contact Kathy Kinsey at or (518) 276-2832.

MARCH 2009

19 The RAA Worldwide Travel Program visits London and Paris. Spend three nights in London, then take the Eurostar train link to Paris for three nights in the City of Light. Both cities are alive with culture, shopping, and dining in the “off season.” Contact Mike Wellner ’64, RAA Alumni Travel Director, at (212) 486-3064 or, or visit

Photo by Kris Qua
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