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On the Bookshelf: Recent Books by Alumni Authors

The Effects of Temperature The Effect of Temperature

Laurence W. McKeen ’73
William Andrew Publishing, 2006

The Effect of Temperature and Other Factors on Plastics and Elastomers, second edition, is an exhaustive compilation of multipoint performance data that serves as an evaluation of plastics as they are exposed to varying temperature and humidity conditions. The reference data book covers more than 70 plastics types and the chemistry of each type is summarized. The inclusion of more than 1,000 graphs and tables also allows for easy comparison of a wide variety of plastics products.

Laurence McKeen ’73 accumulated more than 28 years of experience in product development and application as a member of the DuPont Teflon Finishes Group.

Florida Railroads in the 1920s Good To Be Here

Judith Barnes, Ph.D. ’84
TBM Books, 2007

Good To Be Here: A Book of Moments is a book of essays that are part poetry, part prose, which capture the potential, the pleasure, the goodness of a moment, even in the face of pain or death. Each short piece takes only a moment to read but shows how life can be fully lived.

Judith Barnes, Ph.D. ’84, is an educator, entrepreneur, speaker, and writer who has had a national consultancy in communication for 35 years.

My Problems, God’s Solutions Fundamentals of Piano Practice

Chuan Chang ’62
BookSurge Publishing, 2007

The author presents methods for practice, musical playing, relaxation, and mental play (playing the piano or the music in your mind), which he says impacts every aspect of piano playing: memorizing, controlling nervousness, developing performance skills, playing musically, acquiring absolute pitch, composing, improvisation, etc. Learning piano, Chang says, makes you smarter and teaches project management. The book includes a chapter on tuning your own piano.

Chuan Chang ’62 worked as an analytical research scientist for 30 years, mainly in electron microscopy and spectroscopy, at the Bell Telephone companies.

Faux Real An Ethiopian Album

David Tannenbaum ’83 and Jose Luis Vivero Pol
Blurb, 2008

With nearly 400 color photographs, An Ethiopian Album: A Photographic Journey Through Nature and Culture traces the country in its entirety, from desert to mountaintop, from ancient ruins to modern cities. The book captures in rich detail all the grandeur and pageantry of Ethiopia, both in nature and in its people’s cultures.

David Tannenbaum ’83 is cultural awareness instructor and developer at General Dynamics Information Technology. A writer and photographer, he lived in Africa for more than a decade, teaching, writing, and studying.

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