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Mathematical Sciences
Senior Research Course

There are a few ways to perform research as a math undergraduate, the most popular being coursework or through the Undergraduate Research Program.

MATH-4590 Senior Research Course Description:
Either this course or an equivalent research experience is required for a BS in Mathematics.

Undergraduate mathematics projects that utilize students’ mathematical knowledge will result in formal reports and final presentations. Examples are research projects or critical in-depth mathematical literature reviews. Information about projects will be exchanged in weekly meetings. Students wishing to work on research should make arrangements with faculty in advance. Students already engaged in research may extend and present their results. Open to mathematics seniors only. To be graded S/U. Fall term annually. 4 credit hours.

This course has been designated by the Institute as communication-intensive. Students need to complete at least one communication-intensive course in order to meet graduation requirements. The other communication-intensive Math course is Foundations of Analysis (MATH-4090).

Undergraduate Research Program

The department’s undergraduate research program (URP) offers students real-world, hands-on research experience.

Students may register for the program during the academic year or over the summer, and they can receive course credit for their efforts.

To participate in this program the student arranges to work with a faculty member on a particular project. They make connections with the faculty by either taking a course from them, or from the listing of undergradaute research projects on the campus computer bulletin board.

The URP is open to all undergraduate students. However, because of the nature of the research involved in most of the mathematics projects, participating students are generally juniors or seniors. Some projects may require that you have completed certain classes or labs.

For more information, visit the Institute’s Undergraduate Research Program Web site.

Here is a listing of the potential Undergraduate Research Project Areas/Titles by mathematics faculty:

Faculty Advisor Areas of Research
Margaret Cheney Flight Planning
Waveform Design for Array Antennas
Donald Drew Data Analysis from Photographic Images I - direction statistics
Data Analysis from Photographic Images II - branching
Joe Ecker Operations Research and Optimization
David Isaacson Mathematics applied to the diagnosis and treatment of disease
Ashwani Kapila Modeling and analysis of combustible and explosive materials
Gregor Kovacic Models of Neuronal Dynamics
Peter Kramer CSUMS Research Project Opportunties
Fengyan Li How to identify nonphysical numerical eigenvalues of the Maxwell operator
Chjan Lim Monte-Carlo Simulation and Data-mining
Lagrangian Analysis and Rotational Fluid Dynamics
Harry McLaughlin Discrete Brachistochrone Problem
Straight Lines in an Octagonal Tiling of the Plane
Joyce R. McLaughlin Establishing the Sensitivity of Shear Stiffness Medical Imaging Data to Biomechanical Changes
John Mitchell Portfolio Optimization and Covariance Matrices
Approximating LPCCs with SDPs
Bruce Piper Aesthetic Surface Modeling
Embedded Persistent Calculus Courses Assessments
Convex Hulls of Surfaces
Bill Siegmann Wave Diffusion
Three Waves in Poro-Elastic Media
Waves in Rocks and Water
Yuri V. Lvov Wave Turbulence

Here is a partial listing of the URPs supervised by mathematics faculty over the last few years:

Student Faculty Advisor Title of Project
Spring 2008
Heather Palmeri Margaret Cheney Radar Imaging
Spring 2007
Michelle Burke Mark Holmes CSUMS Project
Fall 2006
Elena Sebe Kristin Bennett   Mathematical Models for Molecular Epidemiology of Tuberculosis
Spring 2006
David Weinstein  Peter Kramer

Diffusion Tensors in the Stochastic Immersed Boundary Method

Fall 2005
Stanley Bak   Daniel Renzi
Joyce McLaughlin
Fast Sweeping Solvers for Anisotropic Problems
Phillip Bloom Daniel Renzi
Joyce McLaughlin
Acoustic Wave Solutions using Non-Reflective Boundary Conditions
David Weinstein  Peter Kramer

Relative Diffusivity Calculations in the Stochastic Immersed Boundary Method

Spring 2005
Lisa Rogers Mark Holmes Mathematics of Circadian Rhythms
Matthew Pelliccione Mark Holmes Mathematics in Kinetics
Summer 2004
Vera Valakh Donald Drew Mathematical Models for E. coli Cell Division
Spring 2004
Ethan Atkins Peter Kramer Solitons in Random Media
Spring 2003
Ethan Atkins David Isaacson Magnetocardiography
Summer 2002
Mikhail Panchenko Donald Drew Mathematical Models for E. coli Cell Division
Spring 2002
Jeff Banks Mark Holmes Numerical Solution of Conservation laws
Scott Brodmerkle Kristin Bennett Design and implement a Web environment to support the course “Computational Optimization”
Joseph Sikora William Siegmann Poro-Elastic Wave Speed Equations
Fall 2001
Jeff Banks Mark Holmes Numerical Solution of Conservation laws
Spring 2001
Joseph Sikora William Siegmann Wave Speed Equations
Fall 2000
Amy Kohler Bruce Piper Bi-Arc Optimization
Joseph Sikora William Siegmann Wave Speed Equations

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