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Mathematical Sciences

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Mathematical Sciences
Undergraduate Curriculum

Mathematics has always been the cornerstone of scientific development. Rensselaer aims to

provide an education in mathematics, both as a subject in itself and as a discipline to aid in the development of other social and scientific fields.

The undergraduate mathematics program educates students in a variety of mathematical areas. The flexibility in this program, with its numerous options, permits selection of courses ranging from pure theory (which builds a foundation for more advanced studies), to applied subjects focusing on mathematical modeling and the solution of real-world problems.

Rensselaer’s Department of Mathematical Sciences is one of the few American programs with a strong faculty orientation toward mathematics applications. Reflecting this emphasis are the many undergraduate courses dealing with areas of mathematical applications and the applied flavor with which department faculty typically teach them.

Baccalaureate Programs

Four curricula leading to a B.S. in Mathematics have been designed to permit the construction of programs that reflect individual student interests and career objectives:

Mathematics — a traditional program emphasizing the elements of pure and applied mathematics.

Applied Mathematics — emphasizing both the modeling of physical phenomena and methods of analyzing the resulting mathematical problems.

Mathematics of Computation — a program bridging mathematics and computer science, with emphasis on numerical methods for solution of problems in science and engineering.

Mathematics of Operations Research — emphasizing the use of mathematics in developing and studying analytical models of discrete systems, especially those that arise in management, engineering, and social sciences.


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