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Mathematical Sciences
Amos Eaton Building
Department of Mathematical Sciences Faculty:

Kristin Bennett
Mohamed Boudjelkha
Margaret Cheney
Donald Drew
Joseph Ecker
Joseph E. Flaherty
Isom Herron
Mark Holmes
David Isaacson
Ashwani Kapila
Maya Kiehl
Gregor Kovacic
Peter Kramer
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Fengyan Li
Chjan Lim
Yuri Lvov
Harry McLaughlin
Joyce McLaughlin
John Mitchell
Clifford Nolan
Bruce Piper
Victor Roytburd
David Schmidt
Donald Schwendeman
William Siegmann
Michael Zuker

Mathematical Sciences Faculty
Ashwani Kapila

Professor of Mathematical Sciences; Member, Faculty of Information Technology


Ph.D., Cornell University

Research Areas:

Applied Mathematics: Reactive and multiphase flow, nonlinear waves, perturbation methods, scientific computing.
Education: Development of web-based instructional materials.

Selected Publications:

"Asymptotic Treatment of Chemically Reactive Systems," a Volume in the Applicable Mathematics series, Pitman Publishing, 1983.

"Two-phase modelling of DDT: structure of the velocity relaxation zone", Physics of Fluids, 9, pp. 3885-3897, 1997 (with S. F. Son, J. B. Bdzil, R. Menikoff and D. S. Stewart).

"Blowup in semilinear parabolic equations with weak diffusion," Combustion Theory and Modelling, 2, pp. 283-292, 1998 (with M. Short).

"Two-phase modelling of deflagration-to-detonation transition in granular materials: a critical examination of modeling issues", Physics of Fluids, 11, pp. 378-402, 1999 (with J. B. Bdzil, R. Menikoff, S. F. Son and D.S. Stewart).

"The hydrodynamic mechanisms of pulsating detonation-wave instability," Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. A, 357, pp.3621-3637, 1999 (with M. Short and J. J. Quirk).

"Two-phase modelling of DDT in granular materials: reduced equations", Physics of Fluids, 13, pp. 3002-3024, 2001 (with J. B. Bdzil, R. Menikoff, S. F. Son and D.S. Stewart).

"Plane strain deformation of an elastic material compressed in a rough rectangular cavity," International Journal of Engineering Science, 40, pp. 991-1010, 2002 (with Arwen Warlock, Hsu-Kuang Ching and R. C. Batra).

"Lean combustion in near-critical swirling flows," Combustion Theory and Modelling, 6, pp. 625-645, 2002 (with Z. Rusak and J. J. Choi).

"Mechanisms of detonation formation due to a temperature gradient," Combustion Theory and Modelling, 6, pp. 553-594, 2002 (with D. Schwendeman, J. Quirk and T. Hawa).

"Nondiffusive hot spot in a confined, narrow domain," Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 45, pp. 335-366, 2003 (with M. Short).

"Effect of thermal nonhomogeneity on explosion or detonation in an annular cookoff, Proceedings of the 12th Symposium (International) on Detonation, 2002, in press (with D. Schwendeman).

"Detonation initiation: modelling, computation and mechanisms."

"The Riemann problem and a high-resolution Godunov method for a model of compressible two-phase flow," to appear in the Journal of Computational Physics (with C. W. Wahle and D. W. Schwendeman).

"On the structure and accuracy of programmed burn," to appear in Combustion Theory and Modelling (with. J. B. Bdzil and D. S. Stewart).

"A study of detonation diffraction in the ignition-and-growth model," (with D. W. Schwendeman, J. B. Bdzil and W. D. Henshaw).

Contact Information:

Ashwani Kapila
(518) 276-6894

More Info:


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