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Student Mailbox Combination Requests

Students will receive their mailbox combination in the welcome packet from the office of Residence Life.

Students living off campus (e.g. Colonie Apartments, RAHP Apartments) are not assigned student mailboxes.

To open your combination lock:

  • Turn dial to the left four turns, and stop at the first number
  • Turn dial to the right, passing the first number once, and stop at the second number
  • Turn dial to the left, and stop at the third number
  • Turn dial to the right to open your mailbox lock

To ensure the safety and privacy of your mail, it is very important that you clear your lock combination after checking your mailbox. To clear your combination, simply spin the lock dial after you close your mailbox. Others may be able to open your mailbox if the combination is not cleared.

If you have lost or forgotten your mailbox combination, send an e-mail to MAILSVS-L@lists.rpi.edu.

RPI Mail Services
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If your mailbox is broken, request a repair by sending an e-mail to FIXX.

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