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Online Directory Update

All new hire, terminations, and changes to title and/or department information is updated by Human Resources.

Update your directory information:

Members of the Rensselaer community may update their directory information using DirInfo. You must log in using your RCS username and password.

Individuals can make changes to their personal directory information which includes:

Preferred first name
Home address
Home phone
Home page
Family information
RPI class year

Only assigned Departmental Administrators are authorized to make updates to departmental directory information which includes:

Campus address
Mail stop building
Mail stop location
Campus phone
Campus fax

The name of your departmental administrator will be at the bottom of your DirInfo update page. You may also find the name of your departmental administrator by searching for your department using the online directory.

Division administrators are responsible for updating directory groups for campus mail.

RPI Mail Services
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Rensselaer’s Mail Services are intended for Institute business only. We reserve the right to refuse, return or discard any mail or package that is not intended as Institute business.

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