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Campus Mail

Campus mail consists of correspondence from one campus address for delivery to another campus address. We encourage the use of reusable interoffice envelopes to help prevent campus mail from being mixed in with outgoing USPS mail.
When sending campus mail, please mark the addressee's name, department/mail stop and building on the front of the envelope. Departmental mail stops can be found in the online directory.

There are mail drops for both interoffice (on campus) and outgoing (off campus) mail around the Rensselaer campus. To prevent campus mail from being mixed with regular mail, the campus mail must be separated from other outgoing mail. If there is campus mail in special envelopes, such as invitations, please bundle the special mail and clearly mark it with a note as "Campus Mail."

Pick up and Delivery Schedules

Confidential Correspondence

Confidential matter should be mailed in a clean, plain, and sealed envelope. This prevents misdirection, mishandling, or loss due to previous markings or lack of proper security. To protect sensitive information, mark the envelope "Personal & Confidential," or "To be opened by Addressee Only." Include the addressee's full name, department, and building. Do not send cash or other valuables through campus mail. Make sure confidential and/or personal correspondence is sealed.

RPI Mail Services
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Recycle Campus Mail Envelopes

Campus mail envelopes are reusable envelopes, ideal for in-house mailings. When using a campus mail envelope, make certain that all previous markings have been masked out. This ensures proper handling and direction to the intended recipient. Do not write an address between previous markings. Write the current addressee's information in the first blank space after the most recent recipient's address.

Rensselaer’s Mail Services are intended for Institute business only. We reserve the right to refuse, return or discard any mail or package that is not intended as Institute business.

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