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Rensselaer Address Label Database

The Mail Center Campus Label database is designed to use the online campus directory data for campus mailing purposes.

Mail Services provides labeling of memos, flyers, newsletters, etc. for campus distribution. Peel and stick labels are available for campus mailings. Labels can also be printed directly on some non-glossy memos. Labels and labeling service can be provided for the following lists:

Address Label List Price
Full Campus and Hartford $134.33
Troy Campus only $134.33
Deans, Directors, and Department Heads $66.33
Faculty $94.33
Faculty-Voting $66.33
Exempt Staff $108.33
Non-Exempt Staff $94.33
Department Mail Stops $66.33
Student Mailboxes only $64.33
All Students $69.33

RPI Mail Services
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Rensselaer’s Mail Services are intended for Institute business only. We reserve the right to refuse, return or discard any mail or package that is not intended as Institute business.
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