Searching the AgNews Web Site with SWISH

The search is done using the SWISH index engine and our own custom AgNews SWISH Front End.

In the query box you can specify keywords (e.g. "radial", "hippocampus", "schizophrenia"), boolean operators ("and", "or", "not") and parenthesis ("(" and ")"). Keywords separated by spaces are equivalent to keywords separated by "and". The database searches for files containing words that match your pattern (as opposed to files containing lines which match your pattern). For example,

    hippocampus and norepinephrine
will find files containing "hippocampus" and "norepinephrine". All searches are case-insensitive.
    hippocampus and not norepinephrine
will find files which contain "hippocampus" but not "norepinephrine".
    selection or regulalarisation and validation
finds files which contain both (1) either "selection" or "regulalarisation", and (2) "validation".
    selection or (regulalarisation and validation)
finds files which contain either (1) "selection", or (2) both "regulalarisation" and "validation".

Now try it for yourself!

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