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Finding Teammates

Finding Teammates

How do students find teammates for entrepreneurial ventures at Rensselaer?

The Severino Center offers the following options:

  1. Post a position on Joblink. With the Severino Center’s help, you can list a position opening just like outside companies do to reach Rensselaer students.
  2. Don’t under estimate the power of the paper flyer posted around campus. Students still read it (even if there are more sustainable routes). Post one in the Student Sandbox (Pitts 4106) where entrepreneurial students gather.
  3. Try Concerto, Rensselaer’s digital signage system. Upload a catchy listing for all to see on the screens across campus.
  4. Seek out the help of professors teaching courses with the topic/skill areas that you are seeking. Use the e*ship course finder to find the course, then check SIS for the class schedule to see who is teaching it.

Will the worker require academic compensation?
The current mechanism of independent study requires the student to locate a professor willing to oversee your study and sign off on the form.  The course of study, and the deliverable requirements, are worked out between the student and professor. The nature of a study may change over the course of a semester, so be sure the professor understands the nature of a startup venture allowing for redirection accordingly.
You can pick up the forms through the Advising & Learning Assistance Center.










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