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Scholarship and Research Request Info - Graduate

The Lally School offers scholarships to a selective number of MBA/M.S. applicants when they apply to Lally, and all applicants are automatically considered. Scholarships are merit-based and highly competitive.

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Masters’ Scholars Research Program (Check out highlights from last year's program here.)

The Masters’ Scholars Research Program (MSRP) provides students the opportunity to partner with researchers to design studies, analyze data, and/or convert their findings to benefit society. The outcomes can result in better management practices, commercialization of technology, or new approaches to global challenges.

MSRP is a voluntary, selective program. Qualifying students will collaborate with Lally faculty or faculty across the Rensselaer campus to realize practical outcomes from research. Students completing this program will receive a certificate of accomplishment. Past participants in the program have received research fellowships as a result of their work, and others have helped faculty license technology or participated in the establishment of a high-tech venture.

Possible research opportunities include (but are not limited to):
- Working with Lally faculty to translate research projects into white papers that can be read by managers and whose prescriptions can be adopted for practitioner use.
- Investigating a current issue or emerging trend thus creating new research questions for faculty to study.
- Working with faculty in the School of Engineering or Science, including, for example, the BioMedical Engineering department and the Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary studies (CBIS) or the Center for Future Energy Systems (CFES), to help them find commercial pathways for lab research discoveries and inventions. 

Requirements of the program:

- The program is voluntary, but if a student or student team commits to a project they are expected to complete it.
- Students can work independently or in teams.
- Students can select their project of interest; projects will not be assigned to students.
- Regular meetings and coaching sessions allow student(s) to provide progress reports and receive faculty feedback.
- Projects must be completed during the duration of a student's enrollment at Lally.

Lally MBA Scholarships and Grants

The following named fellowships are available to highly qualified students. Selection criteria include academic credentials, relevant work experience, leadership potential, technical proficiency, and U.S. citizenship.

The Irene and Robert P. Bozzone '55 Fellowship in Management and Technology

This fellowship provides significant funding toward the Lally School of Management MBA program for a student with demonstrated interest and skills in the field of manufacturing. It is awarded on a competitive basis.

The Herman Family Fellowship for Women in Entrepreneurship

Established by Michael '62 and Karen Herman to advance the interests of women in entrepreneurship, this fellowship supports women with a tuition scholarship to the Lally School MBA program at Rensselaer. Selection criteria include evidence of entrepreneurial spirit and experience, leadership potential, technical proficiency, post-college work experience, strong academic credentials, and U.S. citizenship. Evidence of actual entrepreneurial activity, such as starting a business in or after college, or working in a small to mid-size family business, will count favorably. Herman Award recipients also join the Herman Family Fellows, a network of professional women entrepreneurs, and have an opportunity to participate in yearly reunions. Fellowship Details

The Reinert-Rader Fellowship in Financial Technology

This fellowship funds graduate students studying finance at the Lally School of Management. Funded by Jerome S. Reinert ’56 and Lawrence A. Rader ’58.

Raymond A. and Ina C. Best Scholarship for Tau Beta Pi Members

This scholarship fund is for a Tau Beta Pi member for master's level study at Lally. Criteria for selection include first-time graduate study, strong academic credentials, meaningful extracurricular contributions, and exceptional faculty recommendations.

Post 9/11 G.I. Bill and Yellow Ribbon Programs for U.S. Veterans

The Lally School at Rensselaer is one of more than 500 universities participating in the new Post 9/11 GI Bill, and the Yellow Ribbon Program, a provision of the new GI Bill, which was created to make resources available to military veterans and their dependents to attend college and graduate school. More information regarding Financial Aid for U.S. veterans at Rensselaer is available at

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