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For an example of a typical four-year undergraduate program at Lally, click here.

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Course and Curriculum Information

At Rensselaer and the Lally School, you have the flexibility to shape your own educational path. Our undergraduate curriculum is aligned around three central pillars: Management, Natural Sciences, and Humanities (HAAS). 


  Natural Sciences



  52 credits (13 courses)

  24 credits (6 courses)

  24 credits (6 courses)

  100 credits plus

  • 13 core MGMT courses
  • 8 optional concentrations
  • 3 Math
  • 2 Science
  • 1 Computer Science
  • 2 Humanities (Min)
  • 2 Social Sciences (Min)
    (1 Comm. Intensive)
  • 24 Other Electives



Total credits: 124 

 (31 courses)



13 core courses within the Lally School. Core coursework emphasizes fundamental business skills in finance, accounting, marketing, operations, human resources, organizational behavior, leadership, and computing and quantitative analysis.

Core Undergraduate Business Courses (required)

MGMT-1100       Introduction to Management
MGMT-1240       MGMT Leadership I
MGMT-1250       MGMT Leadership II
MGMT-1260       External Environment of Business
MGMT-2100       Statistical Methods
MGMT-2300       Accounting for Decision Making
MGMT-2320       Managerial Finance
MGMT-2510       Microcomputers & Information Systems

MGMT-4100       Quantitative Methods for Business
MGMT-4110       Operations MGMT
MGMT-4140       Computer Information Systems
MGMT-4430       Marketing Principles
MGMT-4850       Organizational Behavior in HP Orgs.
MGMT-4860       Human Resources in HP Organizations
MGMT-4870       Strategy & Policy

Natural Sciences

20 percent of your credits, or six courses, are required through the School of Science. Lally students are required to take three courses in Math, two in Natural Science, and one in Computer Science. These courses help to ensure our students excel in quantitative and computer skills that today’s employers are seeking.


A minimum of 24 credits (six courses) through the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS); two courses must be from Humanities (Examples - Art, Literature, Music, Writing, Philosophy, or History), and two must be from the Social Sciences (Examples - Anthropology, Psychology, Economics, or Sociology). We want our students to be reflective about their choices, creative and innovative in their problem solving, and informed of global/societal issues.

Other Required Electives

Lally undergraduates also have 24 other electives to complete. As a result, some students:

> Pursue one of our eight undergraduate business concentrations based upon their career objectives.

Lally students are encouraged to pursue a concentration, similar to a major, by taking an additional sequence of courses within the management curriculum.

> Take classes in any of the five undergraduate schools at our world-class university. Over 40 percent of your classes can be taken at other Rensselaer schools.
> Pursue minors in the Rensselaer School of Engineering; Science; the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences; or Architecture.

Combined Degrees

Students also have the opportunity to obtain dual or double degrees; continue their studies with a combined degree option; pursue simultaneous B.S. and M.S. degrees; or complete the accelerated B.S./Juris Doctor (Law) degree.

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