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Radar Imaging

Radar is an established basic tool in diverse applications such as surveillance, border patrol, sensing hazardous material, search and rescue, asset monitoring, agriculture and urban planning.

In all of these applications, the advance of methods to maximize information extraction remains a highly desirable and challenging goal.

The advances and requirements
Recent advances in hardware technology and new radar platforms are enabling a much wider range of design freedoms. At the same time, there are emerging and compelling changes in system requirements such as greater information content, higher sensitivities, and improved tolerance to noise and interference.

Rensselaer's radar program
Our research program includes integrated sensing and imaging where radar's mission, waveform design and image reconstruction are integrated within a systems approach. Our multi-disciplinary approach combines physics-based modeling with statistical techniques and microlocal analysis to address SAR image reconstruction and waveform diversity design problems in the context of radar's mission.

Physics-based modeling approach embraces multipathing; attenuating environments; wide-band, wide-aperture systems; mono- and multi-static measurements; and waveform illumination parameters also including image understanding objectives to the data collection process.

Statistical treatment of microlocal techniques is a novel approach that offers robust and fast image reconstruction algorithms for physics-based models in non-ideal conditions.

Rensselaer's approach extends beyond radar imaging
The fundamental developments of this project are also applicable to a variety of other imaging modalities including sonar, medical ultrasound, non-destructive testing, and seismic prospecting.

Project Members
Faculty Professor Birsen Yazici and Adjunct Professor Margaret Cheney each head graduate student groups.

Rensselaer Faculty
Birsen Yazici

Graduate Students
Kaan Duman
Eric Mason
Il-Young Son
Huseyin Cagri Yanik
Steven Wacks

Rensselaer Adjunct Faculty
Margaret Cheney

Graduate Students
Scott Altrichter
Jerry Kim
Michael Levy
Nicholas Lorenzo


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