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Tutorial at Fourth International Conference on the Ultrasonic Measurement and Imaging of Tissue Elasticity, October, 2005: "Imaging Shear Stiffness Tissue Properties Using Inverse Methods When Measurements are Time Dependent".
Presentor: Joyce McLaughlin

Tutorials at PIMS/MITACS/VIGRE Summer Graduate School on Inverse Problems, August 2005: Interior Elastodynamics Inverse Problems: "Finding shear wave speed from interior displacements", Lecture Notes 1, Lecture Notes 2, Lecture Notes 3, References
Presentor: Joyce McLaughlin

Tutorials at IPAM, September, 2003 at start of special semester: Inverse Problems: Computational Methods and Emerging Application: "Interior Elastodynamics Inverse Problems I, Interior Elastodynamics Inverse Problems II"
Presentor: Joyce McLaughlin

Tutorials at IMA, IMA Thematic Year on Imaging, September, 2005: "Introduction to Radar Imaging".
Presentor: Margaret Cheney


Yazici, B. & Krishnan, V. Microlocal Analysis in Imaging (Tutorial). IPRPI Workshop on Microlocal Analysis in Imaging. August 2-3, 2010.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three



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