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Workshop Archives 2010-2011
  Diffusion Optical Imaging,
     October 2011

  Biomechanical Imaging, April 2011
  Microlocal Analysis in Imaging,
     August 2010

  Seismic Waveform Tomography,
     April 2010

  System Identification of Geosystems,
     March 2010

Workshop Archives prior to 2010
  System Identification of Geosystems
     March 24, 2008

  Radar Waveform Design and Imaging
     May 19, 2005

  Geophysics, January 2004
  Solid Mechanics, March 2004
  Opening Conference, 2004

Workshop on Geophysics – January, 2004

Workshop Description:
The focus will be on seismic imaging, both active and passive, with an aside to magnetotellurics (MT) and the potential for integrating MT and seismic investigations.

Steve Roecker

During the inaugural year for the newly established IPRPI center, we are organizing day-long workshops to discuss inverse problems (or "imaging") in a number of disciplines. The first in this series is devoted to Geophysical Imaging.

Info to come

8:30-8:45 Continental Breakfast/Caffeine Upload
8:45-9:00 Welcome and Introduction
9:00-10:00 Vadim Levin (Rutgers)
   A Sharper Image: Receiver Function Analysis of Massive Digital Data Sets.
10:00-10:15 Discussion and break
10:15-11:15 Gary Pavlis (Indiana University)
   Direct Imaging of Forward-Scattered, Elastic Wavefields: Progress and Future Directions
11:15-11:30 Discussion and break
11:30-12:30 Steve Park (UC Riverside)
   Magnetotelluric Data: The "Empty" Method or Neccessary Adjunct to Seismic Imaging?
12:30-1:30 Discussion and Lunch
1:30-2:30 John Hole (Virginia Tech)
   Tomographic Inversion of Wide-Angle Seismic Data
2:30-2:45 Discussion and break
2:45-3:45 Biondo Biondi (Stanford)
   Imaging of complex structures by 3-D reflection seismic data
3:45-4:45 Discussion and break
4:45-6:00 "Cocktail Hour" (wings/chips/pizza/beer/soda)
   Discussions and short presentations

We anticipate presentations by Raffaella Montelli and Ying Zhou of Princeton on applications of "banana-doughnut" imaging.

We will provide lunch; probably a buffet just outside the Fischbach Room so you won't need to interupt your discussions for a hunter-gatherer excursion.
The "Cocktail Hour" will also be held during discussion/presentation time to keep participants from fainting due to lack of calories.

For those of you who want to arrive Thursday (or before) and leave Saturday (or after), there are a number of places to stay in the Troy/Albany/Schenectady area that are convenient to RPI, spanning the entire gamut from luxury suite to spider hole (with air vent).

We have reserved a block of rooms at this pretty reasonable place close to campus:

Franklin Square Inn and Suites
One Fourth Street
Troy, NY 12180
Ph: 518-274-8800
Fax: 518-274-0427

When you request a room, you should mention: "RPI Workshop on Geophysical Imaging."
If you have any other lodging issues that you need help resolving, contact Steve Roecker (
roecks@rpi.edu) or mclauj3@rpi.edu.

A/V Equipment:
The Fischbach room has a computer projector and is internet capable. We will also have overhead projectors available. We can probably find slide projectors if necessary - they should be in the same closet as our 8 track tape player.

See schedule above.

For more information please contact Steve Roecker at
roecks@rpi.edu or call him at 518-276-6773. Also, if you are planning on coming and haven't told Steve yet, please drop him an email so he can keep a head count. Thanks.

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