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Deutsch im Internet: Course Policies and Overview
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Frühling 2001
Marton Marko
Sage 3703
Office Hours: Tuesdays 5:30-6:30, Fridays 4:00-5:00
x2429, markom@rpi.edu
Assistenten: Jack Letourneau, Matthias Wilke
Welcome to Deutsch im Internet, RPI's first German course devoted to the study of German-speaking culture with a focus on online materials. The following is an overview of what you will need for class, the main activities for class, and how you will be graded for the course.
1. Textbooks
In the course, you will need the following requred text, available in the RPI bookstore.
Required Text:
Moehle-Vieregge, Linda; Voelz, Sabrina; Manteghi, Christine. Surf's Up: Website Workbook for Basic German. Guilford, CT: Audio-Forum/Norton Publishers, 1996.
There is also an optional grammar reference available in the bookstore.
Optional Text:
Moeller, Jack; Liedloff, Helmut. Concise German Review Grammar. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1995. 2nd Edition.
Most of the class exercises and homework assignments will be based on the textbook Surf's Up: Website Workbook for Basic German. You will note on the syllabus (Kursplan), however, that there are other assignments which will involve your own research and your own designed presentation.
2. Presentations
You will be responsible for a total of 3 presentations in class, using the main computer in the classroom and the classroom projector, where you will lead the class through websites of your choice, as well as your own materials focusing on certain themes. The format of these presentations will be as follows:
1. Individual presentations on a selected German Bundesland. In class, you will have the chance to select a Bundesland of your choice, on which to do web research and to submit a presentation approximately 10 minutes in length. Specifics regarding the assignment will be discussed in class.
2. Individual presentations on topics listed as designated themes in the syllabus. These presentations will be approximately 15 minutes in length. See syllabus for listing of possible themes. They range from universities to sports to museums to air travel.
3. At the end of the semester, you and two others will give a final group presentation on a topic of your own choice. This presentation will be on the order of 20-25 minutes in length. The topic choice is open, provided it has something to do with a Central European theme that is of interest to you, and presumably to the class, as well.
3. Your own course page
Each student in the course will have a personal page, which will include a photo of you, and in which you can include such things as web links which are of interest to you, things you want to mention about yourself, quotes (in German), commentary regarding things which come up in class, things you come across in your research, etc. Keep in mind, this page is within the public domain. What you post on your page will be subject to review (and correction, when needed) by the instructor. In the teaching assistant's "corner", you will find help notes on how to set up your own page. We will also work on this in class.
4. E-journal
Every two weeks, you will be asked to submit a journal entry via e-mail to your instructor of about 500 words in length (roughly equivalent to two typewritten pages, double spaced.) These entries will not be corrected, as such. However, they will be graded, and you will receive general commentary back on specific problems your instructor might notice in the entry. These entries will not be in public domain; however, the instructor may suggest you include certain entries as part of your own page (once corrected). In the journal, you may write about topics you encounter in the course, keep track of your week, what you've done outside class, etc.
5. Your grade will be based on the following breakdown:
1. Presentations: 40%
a. Bundesland-Presentation: 10%
b. Individual Topic Presentation: 10%
c. Group Presentation: 20%
2. Homework and Web Page Maintenance 30%
3. In-Class Participation: 20%
4. E-Journal: 10%
6. Attendance Policy
While much of what you do for this course will be done on your own time, it will be done so in preparation for our actual classroom meetings. We only meet twice a week, so it is mandatory that you be there. For this class, you will be allowed two unexcused absences, but no more. More than two will automatically demote your course grade one full letter grade. If you have an excused absence, please let your instructor know either beforehand, or as soon as possible.
Viel Spaß dieses Semester bei Deutsch im Internet!
- MM