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This tutorial on putting your Lebenslauf online assumes that you already have a copy of it on hand in Word (or any word processing program) format; we're assuming also that the file is in c:\directory (obviously, just replace "directory" with the appropriate path to your Lebenslauf file) and is called lebenslauf.doc (substitute your file name where this is referenced). The first step is to upload the Lebenslauf to the RPI server so that it is publicly accessible. We're going to use the DOS FTP program to do this. Go to the Start menu and choose "Run"; type "command" in the dialog box and hit Enter. Change directories to where your Lebenslauf is by typing cd\directory and hitting Enter (again, substituting the appropriate path in place of "directory"). Type ftp ftp.rpi.edu and hit Enter; type in your RCS userid and password when prompted. Type cd public_html and hit Enter, then type bin and hit Enter. Type put lebenslauf.doc which will place a copy of your Lebenslauf in your publicly accessible RCS directory. Now you're done FTPing; type bye and hit Enter to close the FTP connection. You can type exit in the MS-DOS command window to close it.
Next, go to blogger.com and log in with your Blogger userid and password. When you are given the standard blog entry screen, hit the "Template" button near the top to edit your template to add a link to your Lebenslauf from the main blog page. You will be shown a text box with a lot of HTML code in it; some lines down will be a line containing this text: <A HREF="kennen.html">Kennenlernen</A><BR>. Right after the <BR> add this piece of code: <A HREF="http://www.rpi.edu/~USERID/lebenslauf.doc">Lebenslauf</A><BR> (where "USERID" is your RCS userid and "lebenslauf.doc" is whatever your Lebenslauf file was called). Go underneath the text box and hit "Save changes"; you will be brought back to the original blog entry screen. Hit the "publish" button in the middle bar to upload the blog changes to the server. You may be prompted for a userid and password; these will be your RCS userid and password, not your Blogger ones. At this point you are all done: your blog page should have a link at the top, near your picture, to your Lebenslauf. Go there and check it to be sure. If there have been problems, I will be happy to help you out: just give me an e-mail at letouj@rpi.edu. Good luck!