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Updating your "Kennenlernen" page is a slightly more complicated matter than making posts to your blog itself; I have tried to make the process as simple as possible, though, and you are certainly more than welcome to come to me with any questions you might have.
The first step is to pick up the template you're going to be using. Go to this page: it's an HTML document within an HTML document, and the code you see on screen creates the entire page you're going to need. Select all the text on screen and hit control-C to copy it to the clipboard. Start a plain text editor; the default one in Windows is Notepad. You can go to the Start menu, choose "Run," and type "notepad" in the box it shows you. Once you have that running, paste the HTML code into your editor by hitting control-V.
You will be making just a couple changes to this code, in a similar way to how you changed your blog templates in Blogger. Between the <TITLE> and </TITLE> tags near the top, change "Type your name in place of this message" to, obviously, your name. A few lines down, between <SPAN CLASS="toptitle"> and </SPAN>, again change "Type your name in place of this message" to your name. A few more lines down you will see "<A HREF="mailto:USERID@rpi.edu">... change "USERID" to your RCS username. Finally, in between <DIV CLASS="log"> and </DIV>, substitute what your want your page's main contents to be for "Put your biographical or other info in place of this message."
Those are all the changes you need to make, so now you can save this file and upload it to the server. Go to "File" and choose "Save"; it doesn't really matter where you save the document on the hard drive as long as you know where it is, but do be sure to name it "kennen.html" to avoid problems later. Now run an FTP program to put this file in your Deutsch im Internet account. I believe most of the computers in our lab have an FTP client called WS_FTP, which is graphical rather than command-line and so is a bit easier to use. FTP to ftp.rpi.edu and log in with your RCS username and password. Change directories on the local machine to wherever it is you just saved "kennen.html," and change directories on the server to /dept/german/USERID (where "USERID" is your RCS username). There should be, among a few other files, a file called "kennen.html" already on the server; you're going to overwrite it. Upload the local copy of "kennen.html" to the server (in WS_FTP, click the right-pointing arrow between the two directory browsers); if a message pops up asking if you want to overwrite the existing file on the server, say yes.
Once the file has transferred, the new page is live and linked up. The update has been made; disconnect from ftp.rpi.edu and close up your FTP client, and go about business as usual. Once again, if you are having trouble at any step of the way, I am available to help you get things working smoothly; just ask and I'll lend a hand. Good luck.