Office of the First-Year Experience / First Year Studies Program
Fall 2006 Undergraduate Lecture Series

"Cross Currents"

All events will take place on on the RPI Campus
and are open to the public.

List of Speakers:

Tuesday, October 17th, 7-9pm, Sage 3510
When Government Worked: FDR and the Creative Politics of the New Deal
Gray Brechin
Environmental Historian and Writer
Author of Farewell, Promised Land: Waking from the California Dream

Monday, November 6th, 1-2pm. Sage 4203
The Dream of the Perfect Child
Joan Rothschild
Educator, Lecturer, and fuond of the field of "gender and technology"
Author of Machina Ex Dea: Feminist Perspectivs on Technology

Thursday, November 9th, 7:30-9pm. DCC 308
Progress: Can There Be Too Much?
Bill McKibben
Environmentalist and Author of Wandering Home

Tuesday, November 28th, 12-2pm. Sage 3303
The Small-Mart Revolution
Michael Shuman
Vice President for Enterprise Development
Training & Development Corporation

Sponsored by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences First Year Studies Program and Rensselaer's Office of the First-Year Experience. Lecture by Greay Brechin supported by endowment for Langdon Winner, Phelan Chair; Lecture by Joan Rothschild supported by the Linda Layne, Hale Chair.



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