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Writing-Intensive Course Guidelines*
Guidelines for writing-intensive courses
All courses identified as writing-intensive must have the following characteristics:

Writing must be an integral part of the overall course design, enabling students to accomplish the work of the course.


Identify the kinds of writing that are consistent with the goals of the course.


Provide students with several opportunities to present their ideas in writing.



Consider students' success in writing when giving grades.


Provide students with clear and consistent criteria by which their grades are given.



Provide students with timely commentary to help them improve their ability to meet these grading criteria.



Any end-of-semester course evaluation or survey should include an evaluation of the writing-intensive aspect of the course.

Mechanism of submission for writing-intensive courses:



Use the Course Proposal Change/Delete Form if it is a pre-existing course or the Course Proposal Add Form if it is a new course. On a separate sheet of paper, address each of the guidelines listed above. Courses should be approved at the department and school level before being submitted to the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee.

* From Michael Hanna Memorandum, "Guidelines For Writing-Intensive Course," October 28, 1996
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