Course Proposal Forms
NOTE: Follow instructions in the Course Form Checklist so that all your forms are filled out correctly.
For Departments:
Addition of a Course to the Catalog Form (For a Adobe/PDF Version click here)
Change or Drop of Course in Catalog Form (For a Adobe/PDF Version click here)
Course Form Checklist
Has the proposed course's title been checked in regard to the other departmental offerings in the school and institute to make sure there is no duplication or cross-departmental domain concerns?
Is the course description precise and in the appropriate format? (Length should be 75 words or less.) Is it descriptive, clear, and free from unnecessary jargon?


Does the course description include the necessary prerequisites? If it is a 4000 level course, there must be prerequisites. If there are specific prerequisites, these courses' departments and course numbers must be listed.
Does the course description indicate the semester when it will be offered? (Fall, Spring, Summer)
Does the course carry the appropriate number of credit hours, and are they included in the description?
Have the course proposal form and accompanying documents, including the course syllabus, been checked for spelling and typographic errors?
Is the correct and most recent syllabus for the specific course attached to the form?
Does the attached course syllabus contain the following:
a. The same course number as the paperwork?
b. A grading policy?
c. A statement on academic integrity?
Is the course cross-listed? Does the description include the other course number and a notation stating that a student cannot obtain credit for both courses?
Is the course listed at both the 4000 and 6000 level? Is there a complete packet for each course containing the form and a syllabus?
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