Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee

Minutes from February 7, 2007



June Deery                                                                  Lee Odell

Jeff Durgee                                                                 John Schroeder

Prabhat Hajela                                                             Dick Smith

Julia Leusner                                                               Sam Wait

Sharon Kunkel                                                            Ken Warriner

Chris McDermott                                                        Mike Wozny, chair

David Hess

Regrets from:

Kevin Craig

1)      The minutes from January 24, 2007 were approved unanimously with one correction noted. Item 1 regarding a DSIS dual major should read “DSIS/ MGMT students”.


2)      Mike Wozny told the Committee that he would be presenting to the Faculty Senate (FS) this afternoon on the proposed change in the number of credits required for a PhD.  Les Gerhardt will provide the details on the proposal to the FS. The minimum credits required are 72 but the decision on the total credits required is still left to the student’s doctoral committee. M. Wozny will also update the FS on activities from this year’s FSCC meetings. He plans to mention items still to be discussed including Core Outcomes, courses on the books that haven’t been offered, Topics courses offered too many times, and no grades in freshmen year.


3)      School of Management and Technology –Jeff Durgee presented updated course information on a number of course proposals. The Committee had some questions about the proposed Mathematics and Statistics course. Sam Wait indicated that he would be satisfied if it’s clearly stated that it is a Math and Stat course not a foundation course. David Hess suggested that we develop “best practice” language for Academic Integrity (AI) statements.  The FSCC agreed that the AI statements are ok as written but suggested taking a close look to see if more specificity is needed.  The courses were approved unanimously with the caveats noted.

·         MGMT 6370 Options, Futures and Derivatives Markets

·         MGMT 4XXX Financial Statement Analysis

·         MGMT 6XXX Advanced Financial Statement Analysis

·         MGMT 4XXX Mathematics and Statistics

·         MGMT 6940- withdrawn, this course already exists


4)      School of Engineering-Dick Smith presented a number of changes from the School.


·         MANE 4290 Electronics Packaging

·         ECSE 4290 Electronics Packaging

·         CIVL 4020 Computer Aid Design in CE

·         MTLE 4630 Composites lab

·         MTLE 6100 Adv Electron Microscopy

·         MTLE 6350 Composite Materials

·         MTLE 6830 Deformation of Materials and Rheology


·         MTLE 6060 Kinetics of Materials Reactions I              name change

·         MTLE 6030 Adv. Thermodynamics                              cr hr

·         MANE 4030 Elements of Mech Design                        description

·         MANE 4920 Aerospace Structures and Ctrl Lab          description

·         MANE 4230 Fixed Wing                                              description

·         MANE 4060 Aerospace Structural                                description

·         MANE 4850 Transatmospheric Vehicle                        description

·         MANE 4900 Aeroelasticity and Structural                   description


The SoE is trying to add the term “Material selection” into the appropriate course description as this is required by ABET for aero majors.


·         ECSE template change for EPOW- replacing a course to require a Circuits courses (Intro to Electronics)

·         ECSE 4090 Mechatronics                         x-list with MANE 4490

·         ECSE 4900 ECSE Design                                    description

·         ECSE 4510 Discrete Time System           description

·         ECSE 4760 Computer Application Lab   description and title

·         ECSE 4220 VLSI Design                         description

·         ECSE 4790 Microprocessor Systems       description and title


Several new courses were presented:

The Materials Science department is trying to eliminate topics courses and focus on fewer broader based courses.

·         MTLE 6XX Advanced Mechanical Properties

·         MTLE 6XX Advanced Electronic Properties

·         MTLE 6XX Adv. Structure and Bonding in Materials


Other New Courses:

·         ECSE/ BMED 2800         Sensing and Imaging

·         ECSE 4800/BMED 4800 Subsurface Imaging


A motion to approve the new courses was approved unanimously.


5) School of Architecture- Ken Warriner reviewed the proposed changes in the B.Arch template. The changes were approved unanimously.

·         ARCH 4040 Cities/Land              term change

·         ARCH 4690 Cast Studies            term change


6) School of Humanities & Social Science- Lee Odell distributed a large packet and provided an overview of the changes.


Arts Dept- The department has developed 4 tracks. There is some question on whether this will require NYS approval. The Committee approved the changes.

Course changes:

·         ARTS 6110 Electronics Arts Overview

·         ARTS 2060 Fundamentals of Animation

·         ARTS 4060  Animation I


·         ARTS 4910 Honors Capstone Design x-listed with COMM 4910

·         ARTS 2330 Ghanaian Drumming Ensemble


New courses:

·         ARTS 4080 Art, Community and Technology- This course should have a pre-requisite added. The description is too long and should be revised.

·         ARTS 4030/6030 Multi media Performance Systems- This description also needs to be updated by deleting the line “This course is a good introduction…”

·         ARTS 4990 BS EARTS Thesis

All of the ARTS courses were approved unanimously with the comments of the Committee noted.


Cognitive Science Department

New courses:

·         COGS 6420 Perception and Action

·         PHIL 1120 Minds and Machines

·         PSYC 4310 Adv Experimental Methods and Statistics- better description is needed

Course change

·         PHIL 2830 Intro to Philosophy of Religion         description


Changes in the Philosophy Minors were also presented.

All of the Cognitive Science changes and new courses were approved unanimously.