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FSCC Charge

The Curriculum Committee shall consider proposals for changes in courses of instruction, requirements for majors in each subject, for new curriculums, and changes or discontinuations in existing curriculums. It shall determine that adequate provisions are made to inform faculty and students of any curriculum changes and their consequences. The Committee shall consider proposals for changes in the Core Curriculum and make suitable recommendations to the Faculty for action at a general Faculty meeting. The Committee shall encourage innovations in instruction and in pedagogical materials and media.

Following appropriate review and approval by the Senate or the Faculty, decisions of the Committee to approve or terminate programs shall become binding with the approval of the President of the Institute. The President of the Institute shall act with all deliberate speed either to approve the decision (and, as necessary, to request the approval of the Board of Trustees), or to convey a notice of rejection to the President of the Senate, giving cause for the rejection.

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