Congratulations December 2007 Degree Candidate:


During your graduation transition period, you will receive the benefits of the Bursar staff monitoring your student account. You will receive your Bursar account status via frequent emails, mailings and announcements. Remember, we are here to assist you and your family in your transitional time at Rensselaer.

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This enhancement ensures that you will receive your Rensselaer Diploma via mail after the December 28th graduation and Registrar final clearance in early January.



1.     Throughout the fall term of your graduation, you are encouraged to have your bursar account remain at zero or your account may receive a bursar hold.

2.     Your Bursar student account charging privileges will end on November 16th in order to reconcile your bursar account in time for graduation.(Printing charging will not be affected) You may still purchase on campus; however your payment will be due at the time of purchase and the mode of payment accepted at that Rensselaer vendor.

3.     Your December ebill will be due December 15th for all graduating students.

4.     Please note you may still incur charges between the December e-bill and graduation which will result in a hold. (i.e. library, dorm damage, parking tickets) To view real-time charges view your SIS account ( not your ebill.

5.     You may also incur any charges after graduation and up to at least 6 months which will result in a hold on transcript requests.

6.     In some instances you may receive your diploma, however post graduation adjustments to your account may cause a balance due.

7.     Please monitor your email account for announcements regarding Perkins loan exit interviews and also Stafford Loan exit counseling.




Office of the Bursar Staff