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Current (Open) Solicitations

The NASA internet Proposal Web Site called SYS-EYFUS has been replaced by NSPIRES (Dec. 2004)

What is NSPIRES?

NSPIRES is the NASA Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System. This web-based system supports then entire lifecycle of NASA research solicitation and awards, from the release of solicitation announcements through the peer review and selection process, to awards management and publication of research results.  The system is intended to facilitate conducting of research business with NASA for the science and technology research community.


Beginning in 2000, NASA Headquarters consolidated several different peer review processes and systems into a single process and system, supported by a single support service contractor. The single system, SYS-EYFUS, was created as an enhancement to the Earthworks system previously used by the Office of Earth Science. SYS-EYFUS included a web interface for Principal Investigators that did not exist in Earthworks. NSPIRES is a complete redesign of SYS-EYFUS, and includes many enhancements.


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