Sign Policy Change Log


1) Preamble - rewrote "which" to read "that."


2) Replaced Section II Subsection A with, “Signs must not contain anything of a libelous nature.  The Institute reserves the right to remove signs deemed to be graphically inappropriate, profane, libelous, in unsightly condition, or conveying inaccurate or outdated information."


3) Section II Subsection C - changed to "Every sign must have  a clearly visible and legible date on the bottom right corner. For signs advertising events, this must be the day after the event. For all other signs, this must be 1-15 days from the date they are posted."


4) Section II Subsection D – added “Signs posted on behalf of any group must contain at least one form of contact information.”


5) Section II Subsection E - originally Subsection D, rewrote to read "All signs advertising events must include the date of the event."


6) Section II Subsection G - originally Subsection E.


7) Section III Subsection A Part 1 - rewrote to read "Outdoor signs must not be posted on telephone or power poles, trees, fences, doors, windows, benches, or the ground. Outdoor signs must also not be posted on Institute buildings with the exceptions of the Low Center for Industrial Innovation (CII), Darrin Communications Center (DCC), and the Jonsson Engineering Center (JEC)."


8) Section III Subsection A Part 2 - rewrote to read "Signs must not be posted on the internal walls, floors, carpets, or doors of any building except as permitted by the appropriate building coordinator." and moved language concerning bulletin boards to Section IV Subsection D.


9) Section III Subsection A Part 3 - added and changed language originally from Section V Subsection C "Banners are not typically permitted on the 15th Street walkway bridge. Any exception to this must be pre-approved by the Dean of Students and the Activities Coordinator in the Rensselaer Union. Signs may be posted on the footbridge handrails, but only with masking tape."


10) Section III Subsection B - changed to "Properly posted signs advertising events must not be removed prior to the event(s) advertised unless the group or individual which posted the signs authorizes such removal. All other signs may be removed two weeks after posting."


11) Section III Subsection E - changed to "Nails, chalk, adhesive-backed signs (bumper sticker type), and direct application of paint to any surface are prohibited. Duct tape is prohibited with the sole exception of brick surfaces (i.e., the exterior of the JEC)."


12) Section III Subsection F - changed to "All signs remaining on display must be removed by the groups or individuals that posted them in a timely fashion. Signs advertising events must be removed within three school days following the event. All other signs must be removed within 15 days of the date of their posting."


13) Section IV Subsection A - deleted Parts 1-4 and added "Only signs containing information pertinent to Institute activities or interests maybe posted in campus bulletin spaces."


14) Section IV Subsection B - deleted original content and added / changed language originally from Subsection C to "No more than one of any particular sign may be posted on any side of a bulletin board."


15) Section IV Subsection C - originally Subsection D.


16) Section IV Subsection D - added and rewrote language originally from Section III Subsection A Part 2 to read "A group or individual may remove an outdated sign to place a new sign on a bulletin board. All removed signs must be disposed of properly."


17) Section V Subsection B - rewrote "Election Rules" to read "election rules."


18) Section V Subsection C - rewrote to read "In extraordinary cases, these rules may be waived by the Coordinator of Student Activities the Union, the Grand Marshal, the Dean of Students, the Chairperson of the Faculty Senate, and the President or Vice Presidents of the Institute. Disagreements concerning waiving and interpretation of rules shall be resolved through discussion by these parties." and moved language concerning the footbridge to Section III Subsection A Part 3