Comments on the Faculty Handbook Revision

Bruce Nauman



There have been substantial efforts over the last two years to revise the Faculty Handbook (also known as the Handbook for Academic Staff).A Senate-appointed faculty committee worked with the Provostís office to complete a first draft.The Faculty Senate Executive Committee reviewed the draft and concluded that substantial changes were necessary.The FSEC undertook the revision and gave it to the Provost for review.He in turn sent it to the General Counsel for legal review.Those reviews resulted in many proposed changes that were unacceptable to the FSEC.Further discussions and compromises led to the current version that both the FSEC and the administration believe is acceptable. The current version avoids several controversial issues.If we (the FSEC, the Provost, and the General Counsel) could not agree, we reverted to the language or at least the meaning of the existing, approved document.


I feel the draft now under consideration is a substantial improvement over the version currently in place and recommend its approval.However, this is a serious matter, and not one that should be rushed.Thus I suggest we table actual approval for at least two weeks to give all members of the Senate the opportunity to review the proposed version.I also suggest that we, the Senate, discuss some of the controversial issues that are not included in the current draft.For some of them, the Senate may wish to take a formal position.