"Resolved that the Faculty Senate Executive Committee convene a special, general faculty meeting to discuss the failure of governance at Rensselaer and particularly to discuss issues related to compensation and suggested pension changes that disproportionately affect senior faculty and long-term faculty and staff. The following discussion points and possible motions are specifically enumerated as follows:


1.        Disband the Faculty Senate.


2.  Conduct, by secret ballot, a vote of no confidence in President Shirley  


3.  Implement some concrete and visible form of protest by the Faculty.


4.  Publicize, in the Journal of Higher Education or elsewhere, that Rensselaer
     is contemplating a reduction in its pension plans.


5.  File on behalf of senior faculty and staff a complaint with the U.S. Equal 

     Employment Opportunity Commission alleging age discrimination.


6.  Request that - in conformance with the Constitution of the Faculty Senate
     that has been approved by the Board of Trustees - the Administration  
     routinely release comprehensive and detailed financial information to the
     Planning & Resources Committee of the Faculty Senate in time for
     meaningful input to the budget planning process."