Election Results (2006)



Voting Faculty

(tenure-track, research, retired, librarians)

2006 Election

498 eligible voters

47.2% voted (235)


2005 Election

491 eligible voters

43.2% voted (212)


2004 Election

450 eligible voters

21.3% voted (96)




2005 - 2006 Faculty Senate Elections



Vice President Larry Kagan

Recording Secretary Steve Breyman


Senator Architecture Ning Xiang

Senator Engineering Jacob Fish


Senator Science Julie Stenken

Senator at Large Jim Adams

Senator at Large NEED


P&T Comm. Management Robert Baron

P&T Comm. At Large Linnda Caporael


P&R Comm. H&SS Tamar Gordon

P&R Comm. Management Bill St. John

P&R Comm. Science NEED


Curr. Comm. H&SS June Deery

Curr. Comm. At Large Kevin Craig

Election Comm. H&SS Audrey Bennett

Election Comm. Library Connie Fritz


Honors Comm. Architecture Paul Calamia

Honors Comm. H&SS Don Vitaliano

Ballot Resolutions


Constitution: Inclusion of Clinical Faculty


233 votes received

88.0% voted APPROVE (205)

12.0% voted DISAPPROVE (28)





Mid-Term Assessment Resolution

230 votes received

77.0% voted APPROVE (177)

23.0% voted DISAPPROVE (53)



Positions to be Appointed


Senator at Large


P&T Committee - H&SS

(1-yr term, replacement for Larry Kagan)


P&R Committee - Science





President Jim Napolitano

Chair of the Faculty Achille Messac

Vice President Larry Kagan

Recording Secretary Steve Breyman

Secretary of the Senate Christoph Steinbruchel

Secretary of the Faculty Mike Fortun




Architecture Ning Xiang

Engineering Jacob Fish

H&SS Edward Woodhouse

Management Satish Nambisan

Science Julie Stenken

Library Jeanne Keefe

Hartford Lou Gingerella

Troy Clinical Roger Grice

Senator, Retired Paul Hohenberg

Senator-at-Large Jim Adams

Randolph Franklin

Keith Nelson

Peter Persans

Patricia Search



Architecture Mark Rea

Engineering Linda Schadler

H&SS Larry Kagan*

Management Robert Baron

Science Bruce Watson

At-large Mark Holmes

At-large Linnda Caporael





Architecture Peter Parsons

Engineering Dan Berg

H&SS Tamar Gordon

Management Bill St. John

Science NEED

At-large Isom Herron

At-large Pat Hults

At-large Henry Scarton











Architecture Ken Warriner

Engineering Mike Wozny

H&SS June Deery

Management Christopher McDermott

Science John Schroeder

At-large David Hess

At-large Kevin Craig




Architecture Russ Leslie

Engineering Steve Cramer

H&SS Audrey Bennett

Management Richard Leifer

Science Daniele Cherniak

Library Connie Fritz




Architecture Paul Calamia

Engineering John Brunski

H&SS Don Vitaliano

Management Susan Sanderson

Science Frank Luk




Actual Voter Participation by Group

2006 2005

Librarians 4.7% 7.1%

Research Faculty 3.4% 3.3%

Retired Faculty 6.4% 6.1%

Tenure Faculty 85.5% 83.5%


Election 2006 Election 2005



17 eligible voters 18 eligible voters

64.7% of group voted (11) 83.3% of group voted (15)



Research Faculty

25 eligible voters 28 eligible voters

32.0% of group voted (8) 25.0% of group voted (7)



Retired Faculty

79 eligible voters 76 eligible voters

19.0% of group voted (15) 17.1% of group voted (13)



Tenure Track Faculty

377 eligible voters 369 eligible voters

53.3% of group voted (201) 48.0% of group voted (177)