Election for Senator from Engineering


Hanchen Huang joined Rensselaer in Fall semester of 2002. Currently, he is an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace & Nuclear Engineering, with research focus on nanostructure evolution. The primary drive to Hanchen Huang in serving as a rep of engineering faculty is to seek a common ground in addressing the differences between the administration and the faculty, particularly in terms of research and education policies. Huang’s previous experiences of community/society services include chairing the Nanotechnology Committee of USACM, chairing various conferences / symposia / workshops, and chairing department colloquium series. He can be reached at Ext 2020 by phone, and hanchen@rpi.edu by email.


~Hanchen Huang





The Engineering faculty share the same basic concerns with their colleagues in the Institute; but they also face some unique issues such as the demand of undergraduate teaching.  I wish to faithfully and effectively represent these issues in the Faculty Senate, and work with other senators to promote the faculty concerns and further the cause of

the Institute.


~Chen Hsu