Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D.



TO:                 Denise Clark, Ron Kudla, Chuck Carletta, Wolf von Maltzahn, Bud Peterson, Mark Shephard, Dick Siegel, Bob Palazzo


FROM:           Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D.



DATE:                        January 14, 2005


SUBJECT:      Intellectual Property Policy Task Force



Thank you for agreeing to serve on the Intellectual Property (IP) Policy Task Force.  This is an area which all have indicated is of critical importance to the faculty, and to the ability of the institution to continue to expand and enhance its research mission and activities.  The task force will be co-chaired by Charles Carletta, General Counsel and Secretary of the Institute and Mark Shephard, Samuel A. and Elisabeth C. Johnson, Jr. Professor of Engineering and Director of Scientific Computation Research Center.  As we have discussed and agreed upon, I would like you to look at how we might improve our IP process and prepare to roll out our revised IP policy.


The focus should be as follows:

1)      Review the proposed IP policy and make recommendations to improve the document.

2)      Familiarize yourselves with federal and state IP policy requirements/regulations, especially with respect to the ERC and the IUCRC models.  Determine what exemptions, if any, are appropriate.

3)      Interact with your colleagues and with other individuals/groups as you feel necessary, with respect to improvement and special cases.  Get feedback and share with each other. 

4)      Benchmark against peer and aspirant private research universities.

5)      Develop standard templates/agreements for research centers based on the Institute’s IP policy and basic IP contract rules.

6)      Include an associated review process with the appropriate levels of sign-offs for any deviation from standard policy or licensing parameters.  Develop guidelines, by using the gain to Rensselaer and its research mission, as the central motivation for a decision-making matrix.  Set boundary conditions for exemptions.

7)      Identify key elements that can be used to develop a web-based training process that can be used to educate faculty and staff regarding the creation and management of intellectual property.  Work with Human Resources to develop the module.


I would ask that you particularly focus on, and meet with, center directors, academic deans, department chairs, key research faculty, administration, and other individuals/organizations as you deem appropriate.  The expected deliverables, which we agreed upon, that would come forward by April 15th, are the standard checklist, association review process, and the key elements for a web-based training module.