The Core Curriculum Deliberation Process

Inform: Following a presentation to the Senate on Oct 29, we will be launching the Faculty Senate "Sage Occasional" news bulletin with an article about the Core Curriculum Objectives and the faculty deliberation process. Week of 11/3.
Survey Next, to gather information concerning the impact of the core proposal, we will be surveying program representatives to get their feedback on the objectives, asking both a "should" question (how important is it that each of the graduates of your program meet this objective?) and a "can" question (how feesible is it for each of the graduates of your program can meet this objective? The results of this survey will be made available to the faculty through the Senate website.
Deliberate Then, based on the results of the survey, we will be soliciting position statements on some subset of the objectives as well as give faculty a chance to express opinions through email. This material will also be posted.
Vote Finally, we will hold a special General Faculty Meeting on January 21 to discuss and initiate action on the core proposal by a subsequent ballot (electronic supplemented by paper).

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