Senate Meeting

Wednesday, September 17, 2003


2:00 Faculty Early Input Forum on Planning, School of Engineering

3:00 Regular Senate Business

Approval of the Minutes of 4/30
Senate Infrastructure Cheryl Geisler
Proposal concerning Omnsbudsperson Peter Persans
Report on Faculty Retreat Cheryl Geisler
Development of Senate Agenda Cheryl Geisler


General Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, October 15, 2003



Report on Issues Facing the Faculty Peter Persans, Chair of the Faculty


Report on Faculty Senate Business Cheryl Geisler, President of the Faculty Senate


Annual Report to the Faculty The Honorable Shirley Jackson


Senate Meeting

Wednesday, October 29, 2003


2:00 Regular Senate Business

Core Curriculum Objectives Proposal- Cheryl Geisler

Report on Interim Appointments – Bruce Nauman

Report on the Staff Handbook – Bruce Nauman

Report on Graduate Enrollment – Tom Apple

Assignment of Working Groups – Cheryl Geisler

Senate Meeting

Wednesday, November 12, 2003



Approval of the Minutes of the 10/29 Faculty Senate Meeting
Core Survey Procedure – Cheryl Geisler
Faculty Memorials:

William W. Shuster - Chemical Engineering
Fritz V. Lenel - Materials Science and Engineering
Paul K. Rummel - Mechanical Engineering
Harrison Shull - Vice President and Provost

Parking – Claude Rounds

Quantity of Parking Spaces
The New Parking Garage
Garage Occupancy
Garage Safety
Other Parking Investments
Biotech Building Impact
Boiler Plant
Snow Plan
Two Year Parking Fee Structure
Distribution of Transponders
Privacy Issues Associated with Transponders
Overnight Parking Restrictions

Meeting adjourned and working groups meet


Senate Meeting

Wednesday, December 3, 2003


Change in Agenda

Approval of the Minutes of the 11/12 Faculty Senate Meeting

Comment on Compensation Provost Bud Peterson

Report by Curriculum Committee on +/- Grading System Christoph Steinbruchel

Main Arguments for the +/- Grading system

The Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee Resolution

Impact of +/- Grading System

Discussion of +/- Grading System with Students

Student Input and Concern

Poly Article Regarding Grading Proposal

The Voting Process

Graduate Student Grading

Report on the Handbook Revisions Ron Gutmann

Background and Purpose

Handbook Committee Membership

Timeline of Activities To-Date

Status of Key Issues To-Date

Tentative Schedule

Emeriti Faculty

Clinical Faculty Issues in Handbook

Privacy Issue

Review by Faculty Senate

New Business

Department of Chemistry Name Change

Events Planned During Exam Week

Meeting adjourned to Working Groups

Senate Meeting

Wednesday, January 21, 2004


Purpose and Agenda of the Meeting – Peter Persans, Chair of the Faculty
Core Curriculum Approval Process – Cheryl Geisler, President of the Faculty Senate
Context for the Current Proposal – Gary Gabriele, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education
What is the Current Core Curriculum
Why Does it Need to be Updated
Where Did the Current Proposal Came From
Why it is Important
Issues of Assessment – Pamela Theroux, Assistant Director CIUE, Research & Assessment
Why Outcomes and Assessments are Needed
Who Asks These Types of Questions
General Goals of Assessing Student Learning
The General Steps in a Process of Developing Assessment
Overview of Objectives – Christoph Steinbruchel, Chair, Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee
Results of the Survey of Program Representatives – Cheryl Geisler, President of the Faculty Senate
Discussion of “Top 4 Discussables” (Entrepreneurship,Values, Leadership, Outreach) and Other Objectives
Voting Process

Wednesday, February 4, 2004


Approval of Minutes from 12/5/2003 and Delay in Approval of 1/211/2004 Minutes
Compensation – June Deery, Faculty Advisory Group
Retiree Benefits – Ed Rogers


College Consortium Benefits – Bill Puka

Report on Benefits – Curtis Powell

Response to College Consortium
Comments on Retiree Benefits Report
Healthcare Costs
Rensselaer’s Goal and Objectives
Industry Update
Changes for 2004
Long-term Disability and Workers’ Compensation
Rensselaer Health Plan
Rensselaer Payroll Deductions
Benefits Q&A

Results of the Core Curriculum Vote – Bruce Nauman
Working Groups


Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Approve Minutes of 1/21 General Faculty Meeting and 2/4 Faculty Senate Meeting

Plus/Minus Proposal

Process – Cheryl Geisler
Talking Points – Christoph Steinbruchel

Arguments in Favor
Arguments Against
Details of Resolution
Plus/Minus Q&A

Grading Scale
Certificate of Distinction
Effect on GPAs

Discussion from Student Senate – Michael Borzumate, Grand Marshal and Mike Goldenberg, Faculty Liaison

Concerns of Students
“Grandfathering” the New Grading System
Effective Date of Proposal
Reviewing Transcripts

Privacy Policy – Claude Rounds

Best Access Database
Monitoring Alarms
Generation of Reports
Input from Faculty
Impact of Data on Performance-Related Issues
Other Areas Requiring Access

Constitution Committee Report – Peter Persans
Announcement of Ballot Amendments – Peter Persans


Wednesday, March 3, 2004



Approval of Minutes from 2/4/2004 and 2/18/2004 Faculty Senate meetings
Resolution on Privacy Policy – Cheryl Geisler
Determinants of Enrollment at Hartford- Jim Stodder

The Big Question
Main Conclusions of Study
Other Important Conclusions
Graphs and Data
Final Conclusions

Report on Hartford- Alan Eckbreth, Vice President and Dean, Rensselaer at Hartford

Brief Overview of Rensselaer at Hartford
People and Facility Features
United Technology Corporation Student Enrollment Trends
Fall Credit Hour Trends
Tenure Conditions
Curricular Approval Process
Clinical Faculty
Plans for Hartford

Announcement from Provost

Wednesday, March 17, 2004



Welcome by Chair of the Faculty – Peter Persans
Report on Academic Initiatives – Bud Peterson, Provost

Expand the Research Enterprise
Constellation Searches
Transition Faculty Composition
New Tenure-Track Positions/Hire Distribution Data
Intellectual Program for the CBIS
Enhance Education
Faculty Laptop Program
Infuse Entrepreneurship Across the Curriculum
Rensselaer at Hartford
Strengthen Undergraduate Advising
Strengthen Graduate Education
Achieve Faculty Diversity
Strengthen Office of Institute Diversity
Funds for Under Represented Minority Recruitment
Redesign and Reinvigorate Enabling Activities
Revision of Faculty Handbook
Upcoming Issues
Middle States Accreditation
Compensation Initiative
Faculty Handbook Vote
Search for a Dean of Engineering and VP for Research
Q&A on the Report on Academic Initiatives
Hartford Downsizing
Constellation Hires
HAAS Fellowships

Plus/Minus Proposal

The Process – Cheryl Geisler, President of the Faculty Senate
Panel Discussion: Ellen Esrock, Former Senator from H&SS, Christoph Steinbruchel, Chair, Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee, June Deery, Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee, Mike Goldenberg, Student Academics Affairs Committee
Grade Modifiers Q&A

Faculty Senate Election Slate and Call for Nominations – Bruce Nauman


Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Approval of Minutes from the 3/3 Faculty Senate Meeting and 3/17 General Faculty Meeting
Faculty/Staff Memorial
Office of Research Faculty Support Services – Art Sanderson, V.P. for Research

Research Management and Strategy

Space Planning
Linkage to Technology Commercialization

Research Development

Faculty Development Support Services

Mentoring Faculty
Tuition Cost Share
Exploratory Research Seed Program
Research Development Coordination Committee

Proposal Development

Research Outreach and Marketing
Performance Plan: Key Actions
Distribution of Research Awards
Distribution of Seed Funding
National Trends and Issues
Security Related Research at Rensselaer

Survey on Faculty Club – Working Group on Quality of Life





Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Approval of the Minutes of 3/31 Faculty Senate Meeting
Finalization of the Plus/Minus Ballot

Feedback from Student Representative
Discussion on Amended Proposal
Vote to Amend Implementation
Vote on Amended Proposal Going to Full Faculty Vote

Results and Ratification of the Election
Closing of the Year Plans
Closing of the Year Assessment