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Original Minutes from Faculty Senate Meeting – October 9, 2002

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Attendees: Jun Abrajano, Kurt Anderson, Sharon Anderson-Gold, Bud Baeslack, Alan Balfour, Terry Blanchet, Robert Block, Linnda Caporael, Gary Gabriele, Cheryl Geisler,
Mark Goldberg, John Harrington, Ash Kapila, Achille Messac, George Nagy, Bruce Nauman, Jon Newell, Lee Odell, President Peter Persans, Provost Bud Peterson, Susan Sanderson, Jim Stodder, Don Vitaliano, Morris Washington, Bruce Watson, Roger Wright

President Persans brought the meeting to order at 2:12pm, and requested approval of the minutes of the last meeting. A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes with minor corrections; the motion passed. Persans then asked for reports from the standing committees.

Roger Wright, Chair of the Planning and Resource Committee, noted his attendance at the Trustees' Finance Committee Meeting. He reported on his interactions with Virginia Gregg (VP, Finance) where it was also agreed she would make her office increasingly accessible to the P&R Committee and the faculty. Members of the P&R Committee will be involved with the interview process of candidates for the Assistant Vice President for Financial Planning and Services position. The committee has also been invited to the Performance Planning Retreat to be held next week, and will be reporting back to the FS on its participation.

Lastly, the P&R Committee has (on a department-to-department basis) been obtaining information on the new graduate student enrollments for this year, and it seems clear that there is a large decrease in new graduate students (on the order of 40%) this fall. The Provost presented an updated slide with fifth-week graduate enrollment numbers for the Troy campus. He suggested if the P&RC wanted a breakdown of numbers in the different forms available, he could supply them. A point of interest about the total number of full-time graduate students in Troy (1,379) is that only 247 of them are fully supported on external research contracts.

From the Curriculum Committee, Gary Gabriele mentioned a review of a presentation by LL&C covering their graduate program on human/computer interface. There was no other major business to report since the last meeting.

President Persans noted that the FSXC tentatively decided that it would recommend inclusion of the Assoc. Dean of IT as a non-voting member of the committee. It is still felt by the FSXC that the addition of another administrator to this committee might upset the balance.

Cheryl Geisler, VP of the Faculty Senate and Chair of the Elections Committee, noted the need for a Troy, Clinical Faculty representative on the Senate, and replacements for Steve Derby (resigned as the Secretary of the Faculty), Susan Sanderson (on sabbatical next semester) and Steven Van Dessel (the Architecture Representative to the P&RC). Geisler will update the list of eligible voters and hopes to have the election by the end of the month.

Provost Peterson gave a short statement for the Promotion and Tenure Committee that five, three-hour meetings have been scheduled and there will be plenty of time to do the number of cases brought before the committee this year. The committee has not started formal evaluations of cases as yet.

President Persans proceeded to the next item on the agenda, the discussion of the summary of FS input and recommendations to the Graduate Tuition Policy. He distributed a draft summary of faculty comments and said this was an attempt to get all of the key ideas that have been discussed into one relatively short document. The Senate discussed the summary, and will email President Persans their individual edits to the document. The Executive Committee will make final revisions and present the summary of key points at the next meeting.

Next item on the agenda was consideration of the AAUP Governance document. Since the discussion between the executive committees of the Faculty Senate and the AAUP did not occur before this meeting, it was suggested to schedule a meeting sometime within the next week. Recommendations will be brought before the Senate at the next meeting, on whether to proceed with a survey.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45pm.

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