Faculty Senate > Minutes January 22, 2003

Recommendation presented January 22, 2003 to the Faculty Senate by Robert Block, defining the term "active" as it relates to retired faculty.

"The term active shall refer to a retired faculty member who wishes to participate in some activity at Rensselaer, and this determination is made by the retiree to HRO and requested by HRO at retirement. Upon retirement, the decision to be listed as active is recorded in HRO and transmitted to the faculty senate for purposes of voting. If an active retiree fails to vote for three consecutive years, the retiree will be considered inactive. However, the status may be reversed merely by submitting in writing to HRO a request to become active once again. It is intended that the term active be interpreted in this context for voting purposes, and not conflict with any other definition by any other group at RPI.

For those who have retired before this definition is accepted, they can apply in writing to HRO to request active status."

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July 8, 2004